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Gillette and longtime firm BBDO new York, part of the Omnicom Group, lift increase viewers v the new "The ideal a Man have the right to Get" anthem as they key the Altra Plus.

The minute-long to buy in Super key XXIII, wherein NBC to be averaging $675,000 for 30 secs of ad time, to be only component of a $70 million-to-$80 million year-long advertisement Altra Plus campaign in 17 countries. The press was draft to safeguard Altra between a rise that competition indigenous disposable blades.

Gillette and BBDO used the following Super Bowl, however, to present a new brand ("Sensor Launch").

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Although Gillette was the 800-pound gorilla of shaving in the super Bowl as the year went on, it wasn"t the just brand in the group to take it advertising"s best stage. Super bowl 50, for example, observed entries not only from Schick ("Robot Razors") but Dollar cut Club ("Zeke").

BRAND: Gillette

YEAR: 1989



1989: Super key XXIII
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