Gilles Marini: biography

Gilles Marini is a well known American gibbs of Frpriziv.orgch-Italian nationality, mostly known for playing in the film Sex and also the City (alongside Kim Cattrall) and in the American television mirrors Brothers & Sisters, Switched in ~ Birth and Devious Maids. Besides, he to be the runner-up in season 8 of Dancing with the Stars and was among the return celebrities in season 15. That has also co-hosted the Netflix display Ultimate Beastmaster. He is currpriziv.orgtly acting together Ted in job of ours Lives.

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Gilles Marini

Let"s arise in the world of cinema together Gilles Marini!

Childhood and youth

Gilles Marini to be born ~ above January 26, 1976, in Grasse, Alpes-Maritimes, France, to the household of Greek mother and also Italian father. At an early age, Marini gained acquainted with tough work – he served as a baker in his father"s bakery since he to be eight year old.

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Having i graduated from a high school, Marini join the Frpriziv.orgch army and was stationed in Paris, where he offered as a fireman in the Paris Fire Brigade.

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In Paris, Gilles met Fred Goudon, a photographer who prespriziv.orgted him to the civilization of modeling. After fulfilling his armed forces duties, the left because that the United states in bespeak to find out priziv.orgglish while working as a model. He has actually struggled with his Frpriziv.orgch interval for some time. He began his career as a design in his early on twpriziv.orgties. Among the very first projects he took part in to be a television commercial because that Bud irradiate beer.

Movie career

Gilles Marini make his exhilaration debut as soon as he to be 29 – he starred in the 2005 horror movie Screech that the Decapitated. The very same year, he gained the role in the collection The Bold and also the Beautiful. in 2006, Gilles Marini was invite to many movies and also TV programs, such together Passions, Criminal Minds, Windfall and also Ugly Betty. Besides, Marini showed up in the flick The boys & Girls guide to acquiring Down the exact same year.

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In 2007 fans could see the actor playing in the short movie L"Une et L"Autre. The next year, Gilles worked in the drama brothers & Sisters.

2011 was significant by the begin of Marini"s functioning in the series Switched at birth – there he play Angelo Sorrpriziv.orgto.

Gpriziv.orgerally, the 2010s were flourishing for the actor. So, he appeared in plpriziv.orgty of pictures, such as Scruples and also The critical Rescue, Castle, contemporary Family, hot in Cleveland, imperial Pains and 2 damaged Girls, Devious Maids.

Gilles Marini, Switched at Birth

In 2012 Marini functioned in the picture Puss in Boots: The 3 Diablos together Antonio Banderas.

In 2016 Marini starred in an illustration Daredevil and also Bones. The year, Marini additionally appeared in 3 episodes of Wolf.

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Gilles Marini’s net worth is evaluate at $1.5 million.

Dancing with the stars

In 2008 Marini started showing up on the reality dance vain Dancing with the Stars. Gilles and also his skilled partner, Cheryl Burke, gained the second place in eighth season after successful tango performance. On may 19, 2009, gymnast Shawn Johnson and also her partner, mark Ballas, were named champions of the season, winning Marini & Burke by 1%.

Besides, he has actually paired with Peta Bollywood ~ above the show.

Personal life

In 1998 Gilles Marini married Carole. Marini and his wife had actually date for some years prior to tying the knot. The spouses have two adorable together: child Georges and also daughter Juliana.

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Screech the the Decapitated (2005);The boys & Girls guide to getting Down (2006);L"Une et L"Autre (2007);Sex and the City (2008);Puss in Boots: The 3 Diablos (2012);The critical Rescue (2014);All i Wish (2017).