Science fiction fans and government conspiracy thinkers alike might be in love through Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, the dynamic FBI duo indigenous "The X-Files," but the stars absolutely aren"t in love v each other. The is true the the two on-screen personalities go together choose peanut butter and jelly in every method imaginable. However, fans often impose this connection on the actors. Contrary to renowned belief, David Duchovny (Mulder) and also Gillian Anderson (Scully) are not, and have never ever been, one item. In fact, if you know anything around the behind-the-scenes activity on "The X-Files," it"s probably that the stars don"t like each other an extremely much.

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Of course, that never stopped the 2 from being professional, and working together for a solid 11 seasons in between 2003 and also 2018. In fact, you can even view the two acting ~ above friendly state on social media. So then what"s the deal? perform Duchovny and also Anderson dislike each other? Or is there something much more behind the controversy in between the "X-Files" actors?

Despite Mulder and also Scully walking from work colleagues come romantic partners over the course of "The X-Files," the actors themselves weren"t too many fond of every other. In fact, during a 2015 interview through The Guardian, Gillian Anderson revealed the "there were absolutely periods once we hated each other... We didn"t speak for long periods the time. It was intense, and we to be both pains in the arse because that the other at miscellaneous times."

Likewise, David Duchovny has additionally been forthcoming about how the two of lock struggled to acquire along. "Familiarity breeds contempt," that told subway in 2008. "We provided to argue about nothing. We couldn"t stand the vision of each other."

Despite the two"s incessant rivalry, both controlled to at least maintain a secure working partnership throughout the expectation of "The X-Files." This can seem contradictory, as it can feel difficult to action alongside who you have actually contempt for, particularly when your characters are so carefully tied. However, that actually makes a many sense as soon as you destruction a bit deeper right into the pair"s functioning relationship.

So far, it seems like everything David Duchovny and also Gillian Anderson have had to say about each other over the years has been negative. However, if girlfriend asked either actor in ~ any suggest in time, you"d discover that they have an underlying respect because that each other. This was likely the factor they were able to work together top top "The X-Files" collection so closely, for such a long duration of time.

"It"s naught to carry out with the various other person," Duchovny stated in his interview through Metro. "All the fades away and also you"re simply left v the appreciation and love for the human being you"ve functioned with because that so long."

Similarly, Anderson said The Guardian that, when there were "periods" where they hated every other, she felt the "hate is too strong a word." At the time of the article in 2015, she to be forthcoming about the truth that "we room closer now than we have ever been."

In the end, their shared respect has constantly trumped their interpersonal issues. It"s why girlfriend rarely, if ever, observed them bad-mouthing each various other to the press, even if they to be open about their dislike for each other.

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While that is challenging to speak to them near friends, David Duchovny and also Gillian Anderson have acquired closer as the years have actually gone by. In ~ least, they"ve come to be close sufficient that they"re ready to take selfies with one another. In April, Anderson post a picture of the two (along with her adorable pup) ~ above Instagram through the caption, "Stella made a new friend today."

Even then, the two aren"t overly-chummy. For this reason far, Anderson"s selfie is the just time the 2 have communicated on social media. That being said, what they have actually now is a much more positive relationship compared to as soon as they to be co-workers. But even the doesn"t stop fans native shipping the two prefer no tomorrow: "You two are the absolutely perfect dream team! see you together always brings a laugh to mine face," wrote one pan in solution to Anderson"s selfie. "My favourite couple," created another.

It actually seems choose this facet of their partnership is what bothers the 2 the most. In 2016, Duchovny go on record with The Guardian around how fans shipping castle upsets him. "Gillian and also I space not lovers, or boyfriend and girlfriend," that said. "There seems to be a specific kind the Twitter contingent that wants united state to it is in together. It"s odd come me, since I"ve never had actually the fantasy the wanting two human being together that aren"t, or are."