Creek Stewart, a survival expert, and also Michael Jackson, a wilderness medic, talk about survival methods on the Aug. 20 illustration of "SOS: exactly how to Survive." (Courtesy that The Weather Channel)
After a couple of weeks that dating, you might expect to record a baseball game, or maybe a pretty dinner -- but you more than likely wouldn"t setup to gain lost in the hills of California. Brandon Day and also Gina Allen, that both speak to Dallas home, didn"t suppose to either, but their trip to Palm Springs take it a dire turn when they discovered themselves stranded ~ above a mountain in the desert for 3 days.

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The new Weather Channel present SOS: how To make it through tracks their journey in that one-hour premiere top top Aug. 20. The six-episode present tracks real-life survive stories through survival skilled Creek Stewart demonstrating life-saving techniques.

In 2006, Day and Allen had been the end on a few dates once Day invited Allen to sign up with him on a work trip to California. While there, the pair take it a tram to the top of the mountain Jacinto Mountains and lost the trail if seeking a photo opportunity.

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Three job of do the efforts to get off the mountain -- i beg your pardon climbers use parts of come train for Everest -- ensued. Interspersed with Allen and Day"s account of your adventure unable to do wrong, consisting of stumbling ~ above the remains of one more hiker, Stewart describes techniques like beginning a fire v a camera lens, and skinning a rattlesnake to eat (that one"s tough to watch).

"It has adjusted me and also altered mine life forever, yet it doesn’t define me either," states Allen. "But I perform like for world to know about it ... Ns hope it effects someone in part way." return it"s still difficult to relive the experience over a decade later, she states doing therefore reaffirms her faith again.

"It kind of humbles you, to remember you"ve been v something so tremendous," claims Allen. "I believe it all happened for a reason, that I"m right here for miscellaneous bigger."

Besides the spirituality impacts, she likewise now dead strike-anywhere matches v her everywhere she go -- you"ll have to watch the episode to check out why.


Survival professional Creek Stewart teaches life-saving techniques based upon real life story in SOS: how to Survive. (Courtesy that The Weather Channel)

Her various other advice to avoid getting stuck in a comparable situation is to always tell three people where you are -- which Stewart, that credits his survival enthusiasm to the boy Scouts, echoes.

"It’s the perfect story because that the premiere since it’s therefore relatable," Stewart says. "Most the these story are totally a scenario the anyone could find us in. so plenty of applications to the mean person."

Catch the illustration on Aug. 20 at 8 p.m. ET top top The Weather Channel. And Sunday"s illustration isn"t the only one through Texas root -- song in again on Sept. 3, as soon as the episode complies with a pair who acquired lost in huge Bend National Park.

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