My 600-Lb Life Gina Krasely featured ago in Season 8 on TLC. Fans felt a little sorry for she initially, together she struggled with shedding her weight. She preserved that load loss never came easy. Conscious of her morbid obesity, Gina seemed totally addicted come food and also ate massive portions. Mind you she later declared the Megalomedia crew motivated her for an ext drama. Fans hated the she failure in her pursuit for gastric surgery. So, where is she now? did she shed some weight due to the fact that fans last experienced her?

My 600-Lb Life – Gina Krasley couldn’t avoid eating, sues Megalomedia

Fans love it once Dr. Now’s patients really make an effort with your diet and exercise plan. However, irritation prospered as Gina merely kept shoveling food down. Actually, all she necessary was come say she needed food. Then, who in the family delivered. So, probably, lock helped permit her struggles. While her story seemed rather sad, opinions turned versus her as she only shed 51 pounds. Additionally, as soon as she ultimately weighed in for her gastric surgery, she’d piled it earlier on again.

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Well, My 600-LB Life star Gina can’t work-related with Dr. Currently anymore. Along with many various other stars, she joined in and also filed a lawsuit versus Megalomedia. One thing that she claimed, is the the manufacturing crew urged her come eat. So, she looked worse than she yes, really was. However, fans can recall the her obvious failure v her targets suggests otherwise. Because that now, fans await the result of the lawsuits. Criticism sky-rocketed from fans when they heard she starred in adult movies. However, that’s not keeping her turn off social media.

Where is the 600-pounder now?

My 600-LB Life star Gina Krasely appears to reap TikTok. End there she uncovered over 200K followers. Additionally, she likewise scored end a million likes for her clips. Starcasm detailed that her latest update came ~ above a fairly unfortunate day. So, it’s not clear if she really lost the weight the she claims. ~ all, she posted up ~ above April 1 – April Fool’s Day. In her clip, she revealed the scale zeroed properly. Next, she was standing on it and also it read 379 pounds. Well, if that’s the case, climate it looks favor she lost over 200 pounds.

While there’s a opportunity that My 600-LB Life star Gina joked around, she plainly lost some weight since her last episode. Various other videos revealed her as soon as she rotate 30 year old. Together you deserve to see in the screenshot below, she looks way slimmer than when fans saw her on the TLC show. Naturally, faithful fans really hope that she shed the weight she claims. After ~ all, lock all thought that one day, she’d eat it s her to death. And nobody wants that.

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