Moving on for the kids. After detailing the alleged residential violence in their marriage in an emotionally court hearing, Gina Kirschenheiter inquiry the court to dismiss her restraining order versus her ex-husband, Matt Kirschenheiter, Us Weekly can exclusively reveal.

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During a digital hearing top top Wednesday, June 9, a judge authorized Matt and Gina’s stipulation come the court the they have reached an agreement concerning child custody and the temporary residential violence restraining order the actual Housewives the Orange County star previously filed against Matt. While the was current at the hearing, Gina’s lawyer, Graham Kirkman, attended on her behalf.


Gina and Matthew Kirschenheiter. Gregory Pace/Shutterstock; Courtesy Gina Kirschenheiter/Instagram

“The basis because that the dismissal (of the restraining order) primarily is together it relates to the parties’ children,” Kirkman called Us of the hearing. “Their children are in a really an excellent place best now, and the parties are healthily coparenting, and also that is to your kids’ benefit. This will permit the situation that has actually blossomed come continue. So, ns think that they’ve done a an excellent thing here today. The parties reached a mutual agreement for the dismissal, and also the purpose of the dismissal is to let a coparenting relationship continue to grow and also let the finest interest of their children continue.”

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Gina and Matt, who tied the node in 2010, share 3 kids: Nicholas, 8, Sienna, 6, and Luca, 5. She derived a restraining order versus him in June 2019 after he allegedly assaulted her at their California home. The alleged incident took location while the twosome, that initially split in 2018, to be attempting come rebuild your marriage.

Kirkman added that dropping the bespeak “allows the parties maximum versatility to try to perform what works best for each of them and also for their kids.” the explained, “And the idea being, things are going so well v respect to their coparenting connection that they’ve excellent something very flexible, that just enables them to occupational it the end informally.”

The lawyer concluded, “The commitment they’ve got to today is in the ideal interest of your kids. Ns think that’s what the parties are involved about. Ns can absolutely speak because that Gina, that that’s the primary concern for her, and also this is going come let lock — the parties and their kids — to relocate forward.”

The former spouses’ instance made headlines in April after ~ Gina damaged down in tears while giving an emotional victim impact statement ~ Matt pleaded guilty to residential battery.

“I assumed I to be going to die. Ns still get chills thinking about how i begged friend to, ‘Stop. Think around the kids.’ and also you comment by saying, ‘Your mommy is walk to dice tonight,’” she recalled that the June 2019 incident. “It echoes in mine brain, and also it sink deep in mine heart. The night, the literally felt favor I remained in a residence with a stranger who I’d never ever met before. Your eyes were completely black, and you were not Matt. It to be so tough for me to think that the was even you, yet it was.”

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Gina to be visibly emotional together she told her ex and also the judge, “It’s taken me a many time, self-care and therapy to job-related through what happened that night, however I have regulated to forgive you for most of it. I expropriate that ns will always have this painful storage from that night. I’ve pertained to terms with that.”

The Bravo star, who has actually been date boyfriend Travis Mullen due to the fact that the fall of 2019, included it “breaks mine heart” that their kids will learn about the alleged attack.

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“The believed of our kids having to think about what their dad did to their mommy that night is therefore painful to me, and it’s therefore unfair to them,” Gina said. “As a an outcome of your bad choices and also actions, our totality family now has to pay the consequences. And also I’m having a really difficult time forgiving you for the affect that this has had and will continue to have on our children. Through that said, since of Nicholas, Sienna and also Luca, i’m willing to save trying to forgive you.”

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If girlfriend or someone you know are experiencing domestic violence, please contact the National domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 for confidential support.

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