Tomorrow, Gina Rodriguez"s animated and modern take on Carmen Sandiego autumn on Netflix, but like the late great Billy Mays as soon as said, "Wait! There"s more!" 

In addition to the cartoon series, Rodriguez will likewise be show up in a live-action movie, playing the titular character who, after being trained to be a experienced thief, decides to only steal from other burglars.

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Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we"ve gained our very first look in ~ Rodriguez wearing the above red hat and overcoat. But, as soon as reached by WIRE, Netflix clarified this isn"t a shot of Rodriguez in costume per se, simply an homage to the look. But, the stands to factor it"ll watch something choose this.

“Playing the function of Carmen Sandiego is a dream come true,” claimed Rodriguez in an main release. “My sisters and also I thrived up playing Where in the people Is Carmen Sandiego? We didn’t understand who she to be or why she was doing the things she did, but she was this smart, savvy Latina woman  who was getting out in the world, seeing every kinds of places and also exploring different cultures. I idolized those things about her. And now ns lucky sufficient to expand the story that a character who still inspires me everyday, introducing kids not simply to she adventures, but likewise revealing brand-new details around her past.”


Rodriguez"s stint together the globe-trotting goniff is meant come kick turn off an entirely new multimedia franchise — a YA book collection on the means as well. In the show, Rodriguez is joined by Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things), who voices a computer genius by the surname of Player.

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“I think adult will gain the nostalgia, and it yes, really does play out choose a funny spy show,” the Jane the Virgin actress said EW. “But I’m most excited to party this with my nieces and nephews — ns feel blessed the we obtain to carry Carmen to the next generation.”

For those who flourished up with the character deserve to learn about her lasting social impact by partaking in the interactive experience at Teaming with Polygraph, Netflix offered over 350,000 tweets made between 2013 and 2018 about Carmen Sandiego everywhere the world. Those tweets were then analyzed and the result data turned right into the bilateral examine seen ~ above the website, i m sorry explores facets of Carmen"s persona, consisting of her "smarts," "style," and "passport goals."

The first season that the animated reboot premieres ~ above Netflix tomorrow, Jan. 18. There is no word just yet on once the live-action movie will certainly be released.