Dawn Wells, the real-life mar Ann Summers of “Gilligan’s Island,” was simply as sunny and also down-to-earth off-screen together she was on-screen, she co-star Tina Louise, the show’s just surviving actors member, said The write-up Wednesday.


Louise, who played the indelible flame-haired Ginger grant on the CBS show, speak fondly the Wells, who passed away at age 82 Wednesday in Los Angeles ~ battling COVID-19.

“I’m an extremely sad,” said Louise, who infamously decreased to appear in revivals and reboots or talk about the display over the decades due to the fact that it ended in 1967.

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“Dawn was a an extremely wonderful person. I want civilization to remember her as someone who constantly had a smile on her face,” claimed Louise, who stays on Manhattan’s eastern Side. “Nothing is more important 보다 family and she was family. She will constantly be remembered.”

Tina Louise (left) and also with Dawn Wells and Bob Denver (right)Getty Images; Everett Collection

Louise, one enduring beauty who asked the The short article not cite her age, was shocked to hear about her friend’s fatality during a phone call from a Hollywood friend. “Nobody desires to get that sort of news — especially that way, with this dreadful disease,” she said, including that the health-conscious actress is doing her part to fortify herself. “I’m doing my exercise and also having a vegetarian having lunch today,” she said, adding somberly, “Everything’s complex now.”

Dawn Wells and Tina LouiseWireImage

The lovely show, which ran for three periods from 1964 until 1967, and followed a shipwrecked team of stranded strangers living on one island, is together enduring as ever — especially throughout the lockdown, when new generations uncovered its endearing charms.

“We were part of the wonderful present that anyone loves and also has to be a good source of comfort, especially during these times,” claimed Louise.

While she notoriously decreased to show up in the 1978 TV movie “Rescue native Gilligan’s Island,” 2001’s “Surviving Gilligan’s Island” and various various other revivals, she bristles at longtime rumors that she resented the role and show.

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“Never true — i loved doing my part, especially after castle really began writing for my character, initially billed as a ‘Marilyn Monroe’ type of character,” Louise said The Post. “A different director take it over and really began to compose for my character,” she added, admitting she originally thought about quitting. “I yes, really loved my character.”

She additionally waved off any comparisons in between the lover girl-next-door mary Ann and her less-inhibited movie star roommate, Ginger. “There’s a character because that every person. Everyone deserve to identify with a different person,” she said, note the tight-knit kinship the the smooth cast. “We were constantly a family. She had huge fans.”

While she claimed “Dawn to be wonderful in her part,” she also had one-of-a-kind moments through her so late co-star, recalling her favourite memory as soon as she was invited to Wells’ house circa 1966.

Ginger (Tina Louise), mary Ann (Dawn Wells) and Mrs. Howell (Natalie Schafer) Bettmann Archive

“I had just gained married and also it was Thanksgiving. I didn’t know exactly how to chef particularly. She invite me to her residence with she mom,” claimed Louise, who learned exactly how to do a potato soufflé recipe that ended up being a holiday tradition. “It came to be something i did yearly at Thanksgiving,” she said. “I never ever forgot that.”

Louise, who went on to star in “The Stepford Wives,” “The Love Boat” and also “Dallas,” claimed she’s thankful for the outpouring indigenous “Gilligan’s Island” fans these previous several months. “We lugged a lot of happiness to people and still do. This show is one escape native so numerous things walking on,” she said. “Fathers re-publishing it with their children now. I gain letters every the time around that.”