HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The woman that shot a guy in the head if they to be broadcasting ~ above a on facebook Live currently is collection to be released early on from prison on shock probation, priziv.org has actually confirmed.

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Cassandra Damper to be sentenced to offer 10 years for an aggravated assault count and five years for a tampering with proof charge. She pleaded guilty in respectable to the counts after the April 2018 shooting of Devyn Holmes.

Devyn Holmes to be left in critical condition after being shot by chance by a mrs playing with a gun external a Houston gas station.

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Damper to be to serve the sentence concurrently.A referee ruled in donate of approving the shock probation on Thursday after ~ Damper"s attorney, Monique Sparks, filed a motion. A hear was held in May.Holmes was shot in the head when he, Damper and also another man were within a vehicle streaming to Facebook. Holmes survived, yet has had to undergo rigorous rehab due to the fact that then.priziv.org spoke with Holmes" mother, Sheree, who stated she is ruined by the judge"s decision."If it was his child, then would she be out?" request Sheree. "That"s just how he demands to think around it. If it to be his child, would you give her 6 months? because I doubt it."In a statement, Harris County ar Attorney"s Office spokesperson Dane Schiller said, "Cassandra Damper shooting 26-year-old Devyn Holmes and also tried to to wash the gunshot residue off her hands. Because that that, the Harris County ar Attorney"s Office prosecuted her for aggravated assault and tampering with evidence."The explain continued, saying, "As prosecutors argued in court, even though Ms. Damper pleaded guilty, she has actually never taken complete responsibility for her actions, consisting of shifting blame and minimizing her actions. We suggested against releasing Ms. Damper, who is just six months right into a 10-year prison sentence, but we respect the decision by judge McClure."Sparks praised the judge"s decision saying, "I don"t consider this a "get out of jail free" card. How I consider this is this is a referee coming up v other means outside of just incarceration. That is utilizing all the devices in his box to apply justice in this case. He have the right to make her problems whatever he desires them to be and also can adjust them at any kind of time he desires to."On the was standing last year, Damper confessed, "I shoot Devyn," if recounting what taken place on April 1, 2018. She also read a letter in court addressed to Holmes, expressing remorse, sorrow and sympathy because that what he"s gone through."Please know just how sorry ns am during this tough time," Damper read. "I cannot imagine what you are going through or what you are feeling due to the fact that this tragic accident. There is no lot of anything ns can provide you. It has hurt me even more to be unable to assist or be by her side throughout this recovery process."

With the facebook Live shooter awaiting she sentence, the victim in the case came face-to-face through the mrs for the very first time because he was wounded.

Damper has been in state prison for virtually six months. She will be transferred ago to the Harris county Jail and also wait for the next court setting. That"s when the judge will certainly lay out the problems of her probation for the next nine and a fifty percent years.It"s unknown once she will be formally released.RELATED STORIES:
Woman pleads guilty come shooting guy in the head inside vehicle while on facebook Live
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