Introduction to Lightning SafetySummertime across the Ohio Valley means barbecues, festivals, sporting events, boating, hitting the beach, camping, and also many various other recreational activities. In short, summertime way a lot much more people room spending a lot more time in the an excellent outdoors. However summer is additionally the height season for among the nation's deadliest phenomena -- lightning. Lightning typically receives much less attention than various other storm-related killers due to the fact that it walk not an outcome in mass damage or fixed casualties like tornadoes, floods, or hurricanes regularly do. Yet consider these lightning statistics: About 25 million cloud-to-ground lightning strikes happen in the United states each year.

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Only around 10% of people struck by lightning space actually killed. The various other 90% have to cope with varying degrees of discomfort and also disability, occasionally for the remainder of their lives.Typically, the vast majority of lightning victims yearly are male (in 261 instances native 2006-2013, 81% of lightning fatalities to be male and 19% were female).How carry out Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio compare to the rest of the country in regards to lightning activity and lightning fatalities? In a usual year, the main Ohio valley sees some of the most frequent lightning activity across the joined States. Examine out the images and also table listed below for additional insight (note: "CG" represents cloud-to-ground).

Avg # CG Strikes per Year(1997-2012)

Avg # CG Strikes per Square Mile every Year(1997-2012)

Lightning Fatalities(2004-2013)

Nationwide Lightning Fatality Ranking(2004-2013)





Tied 22nd





Tied 12th





Tied 12th

Lightning task data bring away from national Lightning Detection Network (owned and operated by Vaisala).The purpose of Lightning safety and security Awareness week is come educate and raise awareness around the hazards of lightning in order to reduced the variety of deaths and injuries brought about by lightning strikes.
Remember, lightning provides every solitary thunderstorm a potential killer, whether the storm to produce one solitary bolt or ten thousands bolts. have actually a lightning security plan. Examine forecasts daily. Release or postpone outdoor activities if thunderstorms develop.
Lightning safety and security GuidelinesLightning is just one of the many erratic and unpredictable features of a thunderstorm. Because of this, no one have the right to guarantee an individual or group absolute protection from lightning. However, knowing and following proven lightning safety and security guidelines can significantly reduce the threat of injury or death.Most lightning victims space not struck throughout the worst that a thunderstorm however rather prior to or after the storm get its best intensity. This is due to the fact that many civilization are unaware that lightning deserve to strike as much as 25 miles away from its parent thunderstorm, much farther the end from the area that rainfall within the storm!Therefore, if you can hear thunder, you space within to mark distance. Seek safe shelter immediately. Mental this lightning safety and security rule: WHEN THUNDER ROARS, go INDOORS...and continue to be there till 30 minutes after the critical clap the thunder. Do no wait for the rain to start before you decide to seek shelter, and also do no leave sanctuary just since the rain has ended.The best way to protect yourself and your family from the threats of thunderstorms is to be prepared. If you have actually outdoor plans, be sure to familiarize yourself through the latest forecast before heading out. Take into consideration taking a portable NOAA Radio or AM/FM radio v you. Upon getting here on-site, recognize where girlfriend will seek shelter in the occasion of a thunderstorm and how lengthy it would take to reach the shelter. A sturdy, enclosed structure with plumbing and electrical wiring is safest, yet if one is not easily accessible most enclosed steel vehicles are safe alternatives.During your outdoor activities, keep an eye come the skies for arising thunderstorms. If thunder is heard, if lightning is seen, or also if thunderclouds are developing, acquire to your place of sanctuary without delay! The table below gives examples of adequate and inadequate types of sanctuary for lightning safety.

WHERE come GO:

The most safe location during a thunderstorm is within a big enclosed structure with plumbing and also electrical wiring. These include shopping centers, schools, office buildings, and private residences. If lightning strikes the building, the plumbing and wiring will certainly conduct the electricity and also eventually direct it right into the ground.

If no an extensive buildings are available, climate an fastened metal automobile such as an automobile, van, or institution bus would certainly be a an ideal alternative.


Not all varieties of structures or vehicles space safe throughout thunderstorms. Structures with exposed sides space NOT for sure (even if they space "grounded"). These include beach shacks, steel sheds, picnic shelters/pavilions, carports, and also baseball dugouts. Porches space dangerous together well.

Convertible vehicles sell no safety from lightning, also if the height is up. Various other vehicles which room NOT safe during thunderstorms are those with open cabs, such together golf carts, tractors, and construction equipment.

Being inside a residence or other structure with electrical wiring and plumbing is your safest option throughout a thunderstorm, however it does no guarantee you will certainly be 100% safe from lightning. There space still some lightning security guidelines you need to follow while within a location of shelter to store yourself safe. Don't use corded phones: making use of a corded phone throughout a thunderstorm is just one of the leading causes of at home lightning injuries. However, the IS safe to use cordless or cabinet phones as lengthy as they space not gift charged.Stay far from windows and doors: sitting on an open porch to clock a thunderstorm is additionally dangerous. It is best to it is in in an interior room during a thunderstorm.Don't touch electric equipment or cords: Any an equipment that uses electrical energy (e.g. Computers, televisions, family appliances, etc.) is susceptible to a lightning strike. Electrical surges resulted in by lightning can damage electronics (even at part distance native the actual strike), and also a usual surge protector will certainly do little to safeguard the maker (or the human using it) if lightning need to strike. So take into consideration unplugging specific appliances or electronics, yet for your own safety execute this BEFORE the storm arrives.Avoid plumbing: Metal plumbing and the water inside space both very great conductors that electricity. Therefore, carry out not wash your hands or dishes, take it a shower head or bath, do laundry, etc. During a thunderstorm.Refrain from poignant concrete surfaces: Lightning can travel through the metal wires or bars in concrete walls and also flooring, such together in the basement or garage.If within a vehicle: roll the windows up and avoid contact with any conducting paths bring about the external of the auto (e.g. Metal surfaces, ignition, portable electronic gadgets plugged in because that charging, etc.).

Lightning Myths and FactsMyth: A lightning victim is electrified. If you touch him, you'll hazard being electrocuted.Fact: The human body walk not save electricity, and also lightning victims require instant medical attention. It is perfectly safe to touch a lightning victim in stimulate to provide them an initial aid. Contact 911 because that help.Myth: If it's not raining or there aren't any type of clouds overhead, you're safe from lightning.Fact: Lightning often strikes numerous miles from the center of a thunderstorm, far outside the rain or thunderstorm cloud. In fact, "bolts indigenous the blue" can strike as much as 25 miles out from the parent thunderstorm. That's why it's important to seek shelter at the very first indication that a thunderstorm and also stay there till 30 minutes after the last clap the thunder.Myth: The rubber soles of pair of shoes or rubber tires on a automobile will defend you from a lightning strike.Fact: Rubber-soled shoes and also rubber tires carry out NO defense from lightning, however most vehicles with metal tops and also sides do carry out adequate shelter from lightning due to the fact that the fee travels v the steel frame and also eventually into the ground. Just be sure to avoid contact with anything within the automobile that conducts electricity. Remember, convertibles, motorcycles, bicycles, open-shelled out recreational vehicles and cars v fiberglass shells offer no defense from lightning.Myth: "Heat Lightning" occurs after very hot summer days and also poses no threat.Fact: Many people incorrectly think that "heat lightning" is a specific form of lightning. Actually, it is simply lightning from a thunderstorm that is too far away for any thunder to be heard (thunder is seldom heard past 10 mile under ideal conditions). If the storm approaches, the very same lightning safety and security guidelines over should it is in followed.Myth: Lightning never ever strikes the same ar twice.Fact: Lightning frequently strikes the same place or thing repeatedly, particularly if it's tall, pointy, and isolated. The realm State building is win by lightning practically 100 times every year.Myth: If recorded outside throughout a thunderstorm, you must seek sanctuary under a tree.Fact: Seeking shelter under a tree is one of the leading reasons of lightning connected fatalities. Remember, NO PLACE outside is safe as soon as thunderstorms space in the area. If friend are recorded outside in a thunderstorm, keep relocating toward a for sure shelter.Myth: steel structures or metal on the body (jewelry, watches, etc.) tempt lightning.Fact: The visibility of metal has actually no bearing on wherein lightning will strike. Mountains are do of rock but get to win by lightning many times a year. Rather, one object's height, shape, and isolation space the dominant components that impact its likelihood of being struck through lightning. While metal does not lure lightning, the obviously does command electricity, so remain away from steel fences, railings, bleachers, etc. Throughout a thunderstorm.Myth: If caught outside during a thunderstorm, you should lie flat on the ground.Fact: NO PLACE exterior is safe when thunderstorms are in the area.

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If friend are recorded outside in a thunderstorm, keep relocating toward a for sure shelter.

Learn all about the scientific research of lightning and take a quiz come test her knowledge!

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For a wealth of other information about lightning safety, the science of lightning, medical facets of lightning, and many other topics, visit the nationwide Service's lightning security website.