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DOLTON, Ill. (CBS) — Exclusive video clip shows one attendant at a Dolton gas terminal beating a mrs who stated she just wanted to usage a bathroom.Be warned the the video is graphic. Together CBS 2’s Jermont terrycloth reported, the video clip also sparked protests around outside the gas station, forcing it to close early Wednesday.

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At 10 p.m. Wednesday, the lamp at the 24-hour gas station were off and also it stayed closed. It price to mission achieved for the protesters, who room furious around the strike on the woman.

The protesters offered up a rally and also a cry that outrage earlier in the day in ~ the covering station ~ above Sibley Boulevard and also Lincoln avenue in Dolton.

The group gathered for Nakeyah blacksmith – that was left bruised after ~ the assault.

“Seeing the video clip for myself, every time i close my eye to walk to sleep, that’s simply all i see,” smith said.

Smith claimed she tried to usage the gas gas restroom and was initially denied through the guy behind the counter. Yet there to be a woman functioning too.

Terry: “And girlfriend asked the woman what?”

Smith: “‘Can I use the bathroom?’”

Terry: “And she permitted you to go?”

Smith: “She let me to go to the bathroom.”

Terry: “And as you’re walking in the direction of the bathroom…”

Smith: “I hear him come from behind the counter and go to lock the door.”

Fearful that what the guy would do, Smith claimed she by chance urinated herself in the aisle. She stated she has actually a medical condition involving she bladder.

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“It’s a medical condition,” she said. “I can’t regulate it every the time.”

Smith said once she do the efforts to leave the store, the employee would not permit her.

“The video you acquired – the was the finish of the situation,” she said. “That was no the beginning.”

She claimed the man refused to unlock the door.

“So I began to unlock the door. He moved me. I push him back,” smith said. “So I continued to let myself out and he began hitting me.”

Smith’s girlfriend was locked exterior watching in horror. It transforms out the person who was recording to be a stranger.

“She doesn’t recognize her,” said Nakeyah Smith’s mother, Tene Smith.

Yet Smith’s mom is grateful the stranger captured what she did.

“Those to be blows,” stated Tene Smith. “He attacked her.”

Late Wednesday, the prior door that the gas station was boarded increase – after friends eventually broke the glass to get Nakeyah Smith the end safely.

They rallied ~ learning people have complained around the employee before.

“Check her people,” said Tene Smith. “When you acquire complaints, inspect into those complaints.”

Dolton police were sitting exterior the gas station Tuesday night. The guy turned himself in to Dolton police so late Tuesday afternoon – 2 days after the assault.

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Dolton mayor Tiffany Henyard said she notified the police chief come get associated in the investigation personally. She released this statement:

“I to be personally saddened, hurt, and also angry after viewing this horrifying video. Before any type of title I might have, ns am a black color woman first. This young lady’s pains is also my pain. I have actually ordered the chef of Police to it is in personally involved with this investigation, but to also work closely with the cook County State’s lawyer to for sure that suitable charges are brought upon this coward who committed this heinous act.

“This occurrence speaks straight to the concern of violence versus women in this country. My heart harms for this young woman. Ns am praying not only that she heals from the injuries she has actually suffered, however moreover the mental elements in i m sorry she will certainly now need to endure.”