The mommy of Raniya Wright, the Walterboro, southern Carolina, girl who died after a great fight, claims Raniya’s friends said her the a bully had been baiting the 10-year-old into a fight and caused she to hit her head ~ above a bookshelf before she died.

speaking to “Good Morning America” top top Monday, Ashley Wright stated she had complained to woodland Hills Elementary school in the past about the girl connected in the altercation.

Raniya’s classmates come wear pink and purple

“I informed the school and also I likewise spoke with her teacher in ~ the time about this same person,” she said the morning show. “She would just always come home saying this one girl choose on her.”

Wright told the teacher she was “leaving the in her hands to do something around it,” yet when Raniya obtained home, she stated her teacher hadn’t raised the issue. The mother further told “GMA” she had actually been complaining around the girl due to the fact that Raniya was in the fourth grade, and Raniya’s grandmother, who gets the kids ready for school while bright is working, said Raniya had been asking to stay residence from college the last pair of weeks, alphabet reported.

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“My disappointed is really towards the institution system due to the fact that I sent out my kid to college feeling like she can be defended while she’s not in my treatment anymore,” wright said, follow to ABC.

Though college officials have actually released sporadic details around the circumstances leading to Raniya’s death, Ashley Wright claimed that she daughter’s classmates told her the bully had actually been “bothering Niya every day, wanting to fight her.”

“They to be in the class,” the mommy said. “The girl came up behind her and also was hitting her all in the head. How long, ns don’t know. She moved her or rammed her head or something right into the bookshelf.”

Raniya had actually no prior wellness issues, light said. School officials stated there were no weapons affiliated in the march 25 fight.

The institution nurse dubbed the mother roughly lunchtime, Wright said “GMA,” and also told her that Raniya had “been in an accident, a fight.” She to be OK, the nurse said her, but she to be complaining about dizziness and also having a headache, light recalled.

She didn’t gain a call earlier when Raniya’s condition worsened, she said. Wright landed on the hospital to find her daughter unresponsive and also hooked as much as machines, she said.


“I had to sleep by my infant the night prior to she passed, and also that was the hardest point I ever before had to execute in my life,” she said. “It’s just hard.”

Officials claimed they stopped the fight, and also Raniya was required to the college nurse’s station. She to be unconscious when paramedics arrived, and also they took her to a surrounding hospital, follow to a sheriff’s office report. She was later on airlifted to the clinical University of south Carolina in Charleston, wherein she died two job after the fight.

indigenous the state Senate podium ~ above Tuesday, Sen. Margie shining Matthews, a Walterboro Democrat, stated she wanted to correct false rumors neighboring Raniya’s death.

“I’ve heard a many of human being say, ‘Oh, they to be kicking her. Lock ganged her.’ nobody of that. That’s so much from the fact – not also the banging of (her) head. The head was not also an issue,” she said.

note Peper, an attorney for Van Dyke, claimed in response, “We are still awaiting main disclosures indigenous the school district, police department and also all other public entities, none of whom have noted our customer with any kind of pertinent info to date. If the occasions alleged through the city council (Tuesday) revolve out to be factual, so it is in it, however our client deserves to recognize what happened to his daughter in a stylish fashion.”

The Pizarro legislation Firm, which to represent the girl’s mother, said, “We space disappointed that Sen. Matthews would use the south Carolina Senate as the background for her statements much less than 24 hours prior to Raniya bright is laid come rest,” call the remarks “disheartening and deeply regrettable.”

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Sean Gruber, a spokesman for the Colleton County school District, has decreased to administer details, saying the district will not comment till police investigators relax their findings.

“We realize and also appreciate that people want to know precisely what occurred in this incident. However, it is necessary for united state as a college district come make sure that the Colleton ar Sheriff’s Office’s thorough investigation, relying on every one of the truth available, is concluded prior to we comment publicly.”

A college student was suspended, however it’s unclear if the student was associated in the fight.

Dozens that mourners stood exterior a south Carolina church together the horse-drawn carriage through Raniya’s casket come Wednesday because that a celebration event of life at Walterboro’s Saints facility Ministries.

“Your wings to be ready, but our hearts were not,” stated a post on the carriage’s windows.