Kenneka Jenkins passed away after stumbling right into a hotel freezer last year. She to be at the hotel for a party.

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The family members of Kenneka Jenkins, who passed away after stumbling right into a hotel freezerlast year, is currently suing the Chicago hotel, its protection contractor and a restaurant i beg your pardon was supposedly renting the kitchen an are for $50 million.

The lawsuit insurance claims the Crowne Plaza ChicagoO"Hare Hotel, funding Security and also Investigations, and also the Murray Bros. Caddyshack restaurant to be negligent due to the fact that they didn’t certain the walk-in freezer or command a thoroughly search when the 19-year-old disappeared, CBS News reported.

Jenkins to be attending a party at the hotel on Sept. 9 2017 as soon as she disappeared. Her family grew worried and went come the hotel trying to find the teen. On Sep. 10, Jenkins’ body was uncovered in the freezer, 24 hrs after she disappeared.

Authorities at some point released monitoring footage of the teenager stumbling right into the hotel’s kitchen, where the freezer was located.

According come authorities, Jenkins died of hypothermia after ~ accidentally walking into the freezer. She blood alcohol level was 0.112 and investigators additionally found topiramate, a medicine used to prevent seizures or migraines, in a "therapeutic range"in she system, a report said.

The combination of alcohol and the drug deserve to reportedly reason severe side effects, including bad coordination, confusion and also impaired judgement. Policeruled her death accidental.

The lawsuit, acquired by the Chicago Tribune, alleges the Jenkins passed by numerous hotel employee while wade in the hallways.

“Had Crowne Plaza defendants and employees and/or agents the defendant funding Security properly intervened once they observed (Jenkins) visibly disoriented, confused and lost within your premises, they would have prevented her from beginning the abandoned kitchen and prevented she death,” the reads.

It also claims the freezer that Jenkins was discovered in had a “sticker affixed that was totally faded and failed come instruct how to release the lock system of the door,” the suit alleges.

Crowne Plaza plans come fight the lawsuit, according to a statement.

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“The death of Kenneka Jenkins was a tragedy, however the proximate reason of her death were the unsavory people who provided a stolen credit transaction card to book a room and also host one illegal party which Ms. Jenkins attended,” a spokesperson said the Chicago Tribune. “Those criminal escaped the hotel before police arrived and have never ever truly been hosted accountable. This lawsuit has no merit and we will vigorously challenge it.”

Capital Security and Investigations walk not have actually a comment. Murray Bros. Caddyshack restaurant did no respond to a request for comment.