MONA, Utah ( – Charges have actually been filed versus three civilization after awoman was found dead in a car in main Utah. Previously this week, details about two that the civilization were released, including a statement indigenous one admitting to death the woman.

Sunday afternoon, the Juab ar Sheriff’s Office wascalled to a disturbance in ~ a Mona gas station, located about 77 miles south of Salt Lake City. Deputies and also officers indigenous the Nephi Police Department arrived at the step to discover a mrs dead in the tribe of a car, partially concealed under several bags and also clothing. Follow to authorities, she had actually been shot.

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When regulation enforcement arrived on scene, they to speak three human being were taken right into custody – Mestas, Sanchez, and also a woman. They appeared to it is in under the affect of drugs or alcohol, follow to investigators. According to authorities, the occurrence in Mona allegedly started in south Dakota.

Two people, David Manuel Mestas and also Richard Anthony Sanchez, both 26-years-old, to be taken right into custody. Newly-released court documents display a woman, 22-year-old Christina Zoey Ann Sanchez is additionally facing charges unrelated to the fatality of the unidentified woman.

Christina Sanchez tells authorities she speak to the victim about being pistol-whipped by a man. The victim supposedly told she she knew who had actually done it and told the guy she knew what happened, even though Sanchez asked her no to phone call him. The victim allegedly set the woman up through the guy who pistol-whipped her. As soon as the male arrived, a shooting take it place and police to speak Mestas and Sanchez may have actually been involved. Charging files accuse Mestas the conspiring to kill the man, luring him to a location where the attempted to murder the man.

After that, Mestas, Sanchez, and also both women left southern Dakota with plans to journey to las Vegas. Prior to leaving, they stopped at a total store and purchased firearms. When speaking through Mestas, authorities to speak he confessed to the homicide, speak he had actually been making use of methamphetamine heavily during the expedition from south Dakota. During the ride, Mestas also says the heard the rather talking around him. He speak investigators he believed the victim to be calling that a snitch. That is when the guy says the lifted the pistol up and also pointed that at she multiple times.

Authorities speak Mestas called them he did not know why the did this and admitted come pulling the trigger. That adds the he and also the other male relocated the woman’s body to the rear of the vehicle and tried come hide her. Fast City Police tell affiliate KELO the woman killed is 23-year-old Dominique Brave of fast City, south Dakota.

Court documents show Mestas encounters seven charges: aggravated murder, possession that a danger weapon, obstructing justice, theft through receiving steal property, abuse or desecration the a dead body, possession or usage of a controlled substance, and use or possession of medicine paraphernalia. Richard Sanchez has been charged with obstructing justice, theft by receiving stolen property, abuse or desecration the a dead boy, possession the a attention weapon by a minimal person, possession or use of a regulated substance, and also use or possession of medicine paraphernalia. Christina Sanchez encounters charges the theft through receiving stolen property, possession or usage of a managed substance, use or possession of medicine paraphernalia, and also purchasing/transferring/possessing/using a firearm by a minimal person.

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