A Peoria mrs reported lacking by her father was found deadSunday close to Tuba City from an evident accidental fall.

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Dawn Terran, 36, was found at the bottom of a bluff close to Moenaveabout 3 mile west the Tuba City, claimed Bill Pribil, chief deputy forthe Coconino ar Sheriff"s Office.

Terran"s automobile was spotted Saturday ~ above a bluff close to Moenave.Officers with the Navajo Police Department and also Coconino CountySearch and Rescue discovered her human body Sunday.

Pribil said the bluff to be made the a very loosened rock.Investigators said they believe Terran got too close come the leaf ofthe bluff and fell to a ledge. Pribil claimed it showed up shestruggled to move on the ledge, which caused her to loss farther.She fell about 200 feet.

"We have actually no indication that anyone was through her," Pribil said,adding the she was uncovered with what investigators believe are allof her belongings and cash.

It also didn"t show up Terran may have committed suicide, Pribilsaid, introduce to the position of her body at the bottom that thebluff. The did not elaborate.

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Terran was reported absent by her father on Saturday. She hadtold she father Thursday she was acquisition a roadway trip.

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