Over the weekend, a video depicting a woman who is thought to it is in 90s sitcom star, Maia Campbell in need of part serious help at a gas terminal surfaced.

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Atlanta-based rapper T-Hood shared a video of the “In The House” star on Saturday. Follow to VIBE, T-Hood have the right to be viewed taunting the actress, and also expressed no remorse for his actions.

In the video, Maia can be watched pumping T-Hood’s gas and also disclosing details of once a guy allegedly raped her. She is also seen questioning him because that drugs.

The video clip garnered nationwide attention, v manyincluding “In The House” co-star and Grammy award-winning entertainer LL Cool J questioning for assistance in located Campbell.

Instead of pulling out your phone and also filming who who’s obviously having actually trouble. Perhaps lend a help hand? A sort word?

llcoolj) July 10, 2017

In response to a wave of criticism regarding his actions, T-Hood took to Instagram to protect himself and also to allow the civilization know the he wasn’t sorry.

“Y’all n***as would certainly not it is in mad if ns posted a White girl,” that states. “If i would have actually ran right into m****f***ing Hillary Duff, Lizzy McGuire and also she was asking for crack and also sucking d*** at the gas terminal for money for crack, i would’ve posted she too.”


Campbell, who was diagnosed v bipolar disorder year ago, has been struggling through drug addiction for a variety of years. In 2012, Campbell appeared on “Iyanla, deal with My Life.” as a an outcome she reportedly remained clean and also sober for two years.

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Whoever this is, let’s hope this young woman gets some help.

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