Thandie Newton was Scared the Tom Cruise on Mission: impossible 2 collection Westworld star Thandie Newton expose that during the filming that Mission: impossible 2, she to be scared the her very stressed co-star, Tom Cruise.

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Tom Cruise and also Thandie Newton in Mission impossible 2
Actress Thandie Newton has actually revealed the she to be scared the Tom Cruise on the collection of 2000’s Mission: difficult 2. As among Hollywood’s biggest and most enduring stars, Cruise has earned a call for intense dedication once it concerns his roles. This is especially true v the Mission: Impossible franchise.

Few might have guessed at the influence the series would have actually when it an initial kicked off, earlier in 1996. Due to the fact that then, there have actually been 5 sequels (with a sixth and seventh on your way), every of which appears to progressive the bar greater for the type of stunt occupational that deserve to be accomplished in the spy/action genre. A big reason because that this type of success have the right to be attributed to Cruise, who never ever seems to tires of putting his life top top the line because that the perfect stunt succession or scene. After ~ over 20 years of do Mission: Impossible films, Cruise’s efforts have not just elevated his celebrity status to the level of infamous daredevil and perfectionist but additionally altered the way in which spy/action films are made. That’s no small feat, and Cruise’s strongness is often cited as infectious by those that have functioned with the star. But for some, Cruise can be a small too much.

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In a current interview with Vulture, Westworld star Thandie Newton spoke about her experiences while working v Cruise ~ above 2000’s Mission: impossible 2. According to Newton, she to be “terrified” the Cruise and stated the he to be “a an extremely dominant individual.” The two actors reportedly couldn’t check out eye to eye during the filming of one scene in particular, and Cruise’s initiatives to make things run an ext smoothly only included to Newton’s discomfort and frustration. Responding come the question of why she didn’t return for any kind of further Mission: Impossible installments, Newton said:

“Oh, i was never ever asked. I was so fear of Tom. He was a an extremely dominant individual. That tries superhard to be a quite person. But the pressure. That takes ~ above a lot. And also I think he has actually this sense that just he deserve to do every little thing as best as it deserve to be done. There was one time, us were act this night scene, there to be so numerous extras with pyrotechnics and also you surname it, and also it was a scene with him and me ~ above the balcony. And also I don’t think it was a an extremely well-written scene. I gain angry v him. We’re frustrated v each other. And also we’re looking out over Spain. It wasn’t going well. And John Woo, bless him, wasn’t there. That was below looking at whatever on a monitor. And John had actually made a decision in ~ the beginning of the movie, unbeknownst absolutely to me, the he no speak English. Which ns think was an extremely helpful come him, however it was very unhelpful come the rest of us. Therefore this scene to be happening, and also Tom was not happy through what i was doing due to the fact that I had the shittiest lines.

And he it s okay so irritable with having to shot and define that the goes, “Let me just — let’s simply go carry out it. Let’s just rehearse on-camera.” So we rehearsed and they videotaped it, and also then he goes, “I’ll be you. You be me.” So we filmed the whole scene through me being him — because, think me, i knew the present by then — and also him play me. And it to be the many unhelpful … i can’t think of anything much less revealing. It simply pushed me further into a ar of terror and insecurity. It to be a actual shame. And also bless him. And I really do mean bless him, because he to be trying his damnedest.”

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indigenous a critical perspective, Mission: impossible 2 is one of the the very least well-received movies of the franchise, and also it can be the absence of noticeable on-set harmony that added to this. Newton to be still somewhat brand-new to Hollywood in ~ the time, and filming a one on one scene v someone as renowned and respected together Cruise would likely be enough to shower the trust of many people. However, Newton was no stranger to functioning with huge names in ~ the time, either. The film she’d done prior to Mission: difficult 2, Beloved, included Oprah Winfrey and Danny Glover among its cast. Cruise, it seems, was using his own affect instead that director man Woo taking control.

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There are, of course, two sides to this story, and it would be exciting to hear Cruise’s take it on it. Still, no all personalities constantly mesh on movie sets. It does seem that even ago when Mission: impossible 2 to be released, Cruise had a many say v regard to exactly how the films were made. But when the success of the Mission: Impossible franchise is considered, the clear that the actor’s intimidating presence and insistence ~ above perfection are several of the biggest reasons for the success.

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Source: Vulture

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