priziv.org Police Supt. Eddie Johnson de police terminal Monday once a girl"s mommy stopped him and also showed him images of she daughter being assaulted by 5 or 6 people, follow to police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi. | James Foster/For the Sun-Times
The mother of a 15-year-old girl who authorities say to be sexually assaulted in an attack streamed live top top Facebook claimed Wednesday the her daughter has received online threats due to the fact that it happened and also that neighborhood kids have to be joking about it and harassing her family.

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The mrs was reunited with she daughter top top Tuesday, two days after the girl went lacking and a job after police learned the the attack. She stated her daughter is continuing to be with a relative and is scared to come home — and that she shares the fear.

“This is simply disturbing and to think the children think the is funny,” the mother, 32, called The associated Press. The AP no naming she to safeguard the identification of her daughter.

She said that since the attack, people have endangered on facebook that “they space going to obtain her” daughter and also that neighborhood children have to be laughing around the incident and ringing the family’s doorbell searching for the girl. She stated she’s shocked through the callousness world have shown since the attack, which was perceived live by about 40 civilization on on facebook Live — none of whom reported it come the police.

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“I can’t remain here,” she claimed of Lawndale, the West Side community where her family members lives. “I have actually other kids, too. Ns let them walk to school and also now I need to take them.”

Police claimed Wednesday that they hadn’t arrested anyone in the attack, which affiliated five or six men or boys. A police spokesman, Anthony Guglielmi, stated the girl to know at least one of her attackers and also that investigators space “making great progress” identifying those involved.

“CPD is mindful of the social media communication and also visits to the family’s home and detectives have actually filed case reports and opened parallel investigate in reference,” Guglielmi stated in a statement. Police “Supt. Eddie Johnson likewise contacted the victim’s mother early on Wednesday afternoon to check on the health of the young girl and also her family. He to be briefed ~ above the status of the investigation this morning and is influenced by the young girl’s courage. . . . As of now, no official suspects have been named.”

Police just learned of the attack on Monday afternoon, the job after the girl go missing. Her mommy went come a Lawndale police station and also filled the end a absent person report, climate spotted the head the the city’s police department, Johnson, external the station and also approached him. She told him her daughter had actually been absent since Sunday and showed him display grab image of the assault that friend of she daughter had sent her.

Guglielmi claimed Johnson instantly ordered detectives to investigate and also the room asked facebook to take under the video, which the did.

Andrew Holmes, a neighborhood activist, said a girlfriend of the girl’s mother referred to as him Monday questioning if he could assist find the video clip online and also get it come the police, which he did. He said to him, the video showed that the girl to be frightened and also trying to acquire away.

“You could see wherein she to be fearful. … You can see the look at of fear and where she is resisting, advertise back,” the told the AP. “It looked prefer … she to be in complete shock.”

Holmes claimed the video clip shows who pulling the girl come a bed as she struggled to acquire away. He said he was struck through the indifference that the others that were there.

“Other people were there standing around and talking and someone says, ‘Cut the lamp off,"” that said, adding that the lights maintained going on and off throughout the video, i m sorry was number of minutes long.

The mommy said her daughter was still terrified ~ police uncovered her.

“She saw the hospital, but she to be so fear she didn’t want anybody to touch her,” the mom said. She claimed her daughter had bruising on her neck however she was told the no other far-ranging bruises or cut by the doctors.

The mom said she thinks the strike happened Sunday night, and that she learned of that from friend of she daughter who saw the video, recognized her daughter, a high college freshman, as a basketball player lock know, and called her, the mom.

“They can not send me the video so lock sent screen shots,” she said.

A spokeswoman because that Facebook, Andrea Saul, decreased to comment on the girl’s case, specifically, but she stated the firm takes that is “responsibility to keep people safe ~ above Facebook very seriously.”

“Crimes prefer this are hideous and also we do not permit that type of content on Facebook,” she said.

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The video clip marks at least the second time in recent months that the priziv.org Police Department has investigated an noticeable attack that was streamed live on Facebook. In January, four people were arrested ~ a cellphone footage proved them accused taunting and beating a mentally disabled man.