One disgruntled McDonald"s client in Ohio absolutely wasn"t "Lovin" It" once it pertained to her experience at a Ravenna restaurant.

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One disgruntled McDonald’s client in Ohio definitely wasn’t “Lovin’ It” as soon as it concerned her suffer at a Ravenna restaurant, i beg your pardon has due to the fact that gone viral on social media.

Brian Allen | Facebook

According to a video clip posted to facebook this week, client Cherysse Helena Cleveland stormed behind the counter just before 10:00 a.m. After becoming unsatisfied that her slushy was not made v “all three flavors.”

One that the two workers behind the counter can it is in heard screaming “Do no touch me!” number of times before screaming “I will damage you!”

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The super-sized fight climate takes a physical turn when Cleveland fight the employee in the head prior to being asked to leave.

Cleveland climate took a quick moment the pause before reaching back across and grabbing the employee’s mask while throw food item on the counter at the employees.

“You attacked her and also me,” the employee says. “You struggle me and her.”

In a wild twist, Cleveland walks far to begin pouring it s her a soft drink indigenous the self-serve maker before lunging back at the counter to shot to obtain to the slushie maker where the employee essentially tackled her and also began beating her.

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“Craziness is out in full force,” wrote Brian Allen, that posted the video clip to his Facebook.

“I was concerned that she might start hurting somebody," Allen stated of his decision to movie the incident. "So, I started recording in instance law enforcement required the ice for any type of kind of proof of the assault."

The three-and-a-half minute-long clip has since garnered over 73,000 shares and also over 2.7 million views.

“That young blonde manager requirements to be congratulated on her restraint,” on facebook user Viv Griffin commented. “God to know if that woman had punched me like that I would certainly have given her part back.”

“Were her fries cold or what?” another joked.

Cleveland was arrested at the scene and also eventually charged with two counts the misdemeanor assault with her bond collection at $1,000.

Cleveland was likewise court-ordered come not action foot in the McDonald"s location again.

Safe to say she won"t be back for any type of kind the Happy Meal.

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