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A Delaware teenager to be convicted Thursday that criminally negligent homicide in the beating death of a schoolmate last year in a high college bathroom.

Amy Joyner-Francis is viewed in one undated photo.

The girl additionally was uncovered guilty that third-degree criminal conspiracy in the fatality of Amy Joyner-Francis, 16.

Two other teenage girls to be charged with third-degree criminal conspiracy; one was found guilty in ~ the bench trial in Delaware household Court. The other was acquitted.

The April 2016 incident was captured on cellphone.

State Prosecutor and also Deputy Attorney basic Sean P. Lugg had actually requested the the girl charged v criminally negligent homicide it is in tried together an adult, but the referee ruled against that motion. The teenager was 16 at the time of the incident.

“Today’s decision is one more reminder because that children and adults that their actions have actually consequences,” the Delaware department of Justice said CNN in a statement. “Hopefully, today’s result will start the all-important healing process, and permit a sense of normalcy to return to the school.”

No one emerges ‘unaffected’

During the trial, the defense argued Amy to be a willing participant in the toilet fight and her death can not it is in predicted, CNN affiliate KYW reported.

John Deckers, a defense attorney because that the teenager judge of the criminally negligent homicide, claimed there had been “a good deal that confusion regarding how this would certainly happen,” KYW reported.

“I told her she’ll it is in fine. She has a family,” he stated of his client. “She’s a an excellent child. This is the very first fight she has ever before gotten in to.”

Amy Inita Joyner-Francis is seen in a photo from her Instagram account.

He added: “There’s been a most children impacted by this tragedy. There’s no one that emerges from this unaffected.”

Amy was assaulted in the toilet of Howard High institution of modern technology in Wilmington ~ above April 21, 2016. The physical and also mental toll resulted in by the attack triggered a preexisting love condition and caused she to dice from a sudden cardiac death, the clinical examiner’s office said.

“There was an altercation that initially started in between two people, and also my understanding is that extr individuals joined in against the one person,” Gary Fullman, chef of employee to the Wilmington mayor, stated then.

The three Howard High students to be indefinitely suspended. CNN is no identifying the girls since they room minors.

‘You cannot brutalize someone, pummel’ them

Amy was an honor-roll student and manager of the wrestling team, CNN affiliate WPVI quoted City Councilwoman Sherry Dorsey Walker, a household spokeswoman, as saying.

Amy’s household sat silent in the courtroom. Afterward, they claimed they were thankful because that the guilty verdict.

“At the end of the day, you cannot brutalize someone, pummel who in the bathroom and lead to your death and there’s no repercussion for that action,” stated Walker, KYW reported.

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Sentencing is collection for may 23. Juveniles judge of a crime in Delaware can face probation, residence arrest, incarceration and also fines.