There are some viral sensations who've controlled to leverage their 15 minute of fame into big-time paydays. Simply ask Cash Me Ousside exactly how 'Bout file girl. World actually understand both her stage and also real surname now and she's make music with known artists, earning a ton the money turn off of society media sponsorships, and likewise making a killing on OnlyFans.

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But what about other people who've found themselves ~ above the receiving finish of part cringe-inducing viral clips, favor Shovel Girl — what's she up to now?

Miranda Fugate to be the unfortunate recipient in the Shovel Girl video. In the 2014 clip, she's viewed following another teenager, Emily Olinger, into her house after that seemed prefer the two were going to fight. Emily appears to walk far from the potential showdown as soon as Miranda complies with her to the home.

Emily doesn't evaluate that and charges in ~ Miranda with a shovel, tossing that at she head.


The mix of the petty arguing, the hyena-like anticipation the the crowd gathering to watch the meaningless conflict, and also the sound of metal on skull and also seeing Miranda crash to the ground after the attack culminated in the clip ending up being a viral sensation.

It likewise spawned loads of various news stories, and also even coverage on Dr. Phil (where Cash Me Ousside Girl earned she viral fame).

It death me that it feels choose the internet has actually forgotten about shovel girl. Finest fight video clip in internet background

— Eddie (

Now, Miranda is cultivating her OnlyFans account on she Instagram account. She hasn't accomplished a widespread social media following due to the fact that of the incident, however she spoke online around the viral clip in January 2020 after creating a YouTube channel.

She said, "Hey guys, so i finally chose to malfunction the Shovel Girl video. And also I'm yes, really nervous around it because it was a really awkward video clip for me."

"I was about 14 and it was just really awkward, yes, really stupid, and also a yes, really lame suggest and time in mine life and I really never ever wanted to have to make this video clip breaking it down yet I've had actually messages from all over the world. Human being like Snoop Dogg have actually shared this video, it was talked around on Family Guy, Tosh.0, Dr. Phil, and right ~ that occurred to me I had to go away for nine month in treatment. I was no top top the computer for 13 months."

She continued, "I never ever really got to placed my own spin come tell everybody just how I felt around it." She climate goes in depth in the video clip to malfunction what happened in the original viral clip.

When the viral video clip became popular, human being were serious concerned around what taken place with Shovel Girl.

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Rumors started spreading that she died, and hoaxes popped up anywhere the internet. However, together we can plainly see, Miranda is alive and also well and also is seemingly hope to capitalize on the embarrassing video in bespeak to acquire her name the end there.

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