HAVELOCK, N.C. -- In June that 2019, Paige Winter was just 17 years old as soon as she lost her left leg and also two of she fingers in a shark attack off the north Carolina coast.

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It"s to be a turbulent and trying year because that the young girl, that would generally be starting a life of she own. Instead, she"s dealt with the loss of her independence in some respects. Gift a teenager in the middle of a global pandemic is difficult enough, but Winter has taken the hand she to be dealt and also is persevering.
"I"m not really able come do every one of the points that I offered to do," Paige called ABC"s Robin Roberts in a special collection to waiting Thursday night. "I"m still Paige-y, simply a tiny different."WATCH: "I"m not prepared to die": Paige Winter defines surviving shark attack

N.C. Teenager Paige Winter spoke exclusively to alphabet News about the shark assault earlier this month. She said there space ""some pieces of the puzzle missing"" from her body however her heart is no broken.

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In a trailer for the special, Paige is seen being announced together a homecoming queen candidate at new Bern High School and undergoing physical therapy. Her battles are shown as well, however she keeps a good perspective.
"I feel choose this is type of prefer a triumph because that me due to the fact that people assumed I to be going come die," Paige said. "But i am no dead. Ns am indeed really much alive."Life will probably never resemble anything typical again, but in the period of COVID-19, numerous have learned the same thing Paige has actually in current months."Everybody"s normal is different," she said."Shark Attack: The Paige Winter Story" airs Thursday night in ~ 10 EST ~ above ABC.WATCH: Paige Winter"s dad talks around fighting the shark off his daughter

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