Port officials space lambasting the family of a young girl viewed dragged into the water by a sea lion because that "reckless behaviour" resulting in the attack off a dock at Steveston in Richmond, B.C.

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Maryse Zeidler, Chad Pawson · priziv.org News · Posted: may 21, 2017 2:32 afternoon PT | critical Updated: may 22, 2017

A male California sea lion got hold of a young girl by she dress and pulled her right into the water off Steveston's docks ~ above Saturday, might 20. Naval mammal experts say the animal most most likely mistook the dress for food. (Michael Fujiwara/priziv.org)

Port officials are lambasting the household of a young girl because that "reckless behaviour" after she was dragged right into the water by a sea lion off a dock at Steveston in Richmond, B.C.

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Robert Kiesman, chair that the Steveston Harbour Authority, stated there are several indications posted at the renowned tourist destination warning civilization not to feeding the sea mammals that frequent the area. 

"You wouldn't go approximately a grizzly be affected by each other in the bush and also hand that a ham sandwich, so you shouldn't be handing a thousand-pound wild mammal in the water slices of bread," Kiesman said. 

"And you definitely shouldn't it is in letting your small girl sit ~ above the edge of the dock with her dress hanging down after the sea lion has already snapped at her once. Just totally reckless behaviour."

Kiesman said that there are similar issues with people feeding marine mammals transparent B.C., including Prince Rupert, Comox and Victoria.


Robert Kiesman, chair the the Steveston Harbour Authority, says the authority has taken several actions to prevent world from feeding naval mammals favor sea lions. (Lauren McCullough/priziv.org)

A Richmond resident caught dramatic video clip on Saturday showing the sea lion grabbing the young girl by the dress and also dragging her into the water off the dock.

The harbour authority has posted an ext signs follow me the dock whereby the girl was assaulted Saturday, Kiesman said, in addition to staff who consistently patrol the area throughout the work to provide verbal warnings.

According come Canada's Marine Mammal Regulations, "no person shall annoy a maritime mammal except when fishing."

The signs at the Steveston docks say the maximum penalty for "disturbing" a maritime mammal is $100,000.

New indicators going increase in #steveston #sealions #warning pic.twitter.com/J8c4V2djrm


"You deserve to only spend so lot time protecting civilization from their reckless behaviour," stated Kiesman. "We've now seen an example of why it's illegal to do this and also why it's dangerous and frankly stupid to do this."

The signs likewise warn the sea lion bites "can cause very serious infections the may result in amputation that a body or also death."

Danielle Hyson, a an elderly marine mammal trainer in ~ the Vancouver Aquarium, says if the girl has actually a puncture or damaged skin from the incident, her household should call the aquarium.

That's since bacteria in sea lions' mouths can cause a details infection, i beg your pardon Hyson claimed would need specific treatment. She claimed the aquarium could administer advice to a doctor about treatment.


Michael Fujiwara's video clip showing a young girl gift dragged right into the s in Richmond by a sea lion has been viewed numerous times online. (Lauren McCullough/priziv.org)

SFU student Michael Fujiwara recorded the video. He said he was on the dock when he saw the large, male sea lion approach, therefore he started filming it together a crowd gathered about the animal.

He said a family began feeding it bread crumbs when the young girl obtained close to the leaf of the dock.

'Pretty shaken up'

Fujiwara said it appeared that no one was injured in the incident, yet the girl and also those through her left immediately after acquiring her back on the dock.

He called priziv.org News ~ above Saturday the the family members was "pretty shaken up" and also appeared to it is in in shock. 


Sea lion take away girl and also the warnings go up

4 years ago
After a girl to be dragged into water in Richmond, B.C., signs get posted over the risks of feeding wild pets 1:53
Fujiwara stated he goes once a week come the docks and also sees sea lions often, however has never witnessed anything like what he to be able to catch on video.

I captured a scary minute of a seal dragging a young girl right into the water at the #Richmond Steveston wharf #Vancouver https://t.co/58mzL0v1mM


Andrew Trites, director of UBC's marine Mammal research Unit, said the pet wasn't to blame for its plot in the video.

Watch Trites analyze what taken place in Michael Fujiwara's video:


'It was as huge a surprise to the sea lion together it was to the little girl'

4 year ago
UBC's Andrew Trites discusses video showing sea lion and also young girl in ~ Steveston docks in Richmond B.C. 1:18
Trites said the sea lion in the video looked like it's offered to having human being feed it, and also probably mistook the girl's dress for food.

He claimed he really hopes the video clip of the encounter teaches rather to not feed wild animals like sea lions. He said the animals are not inherently dangerous and also are not looking come grab people.

The majority the people commenting about the story virtual are an essential of the family's function in the incident, however some say shaming them and the girl isn't helpful.

With files from Meera Bains.

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