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Two world have to be arrested in link with the murder of a woman in Florida as she was live streaming on Facebook.

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Leniquea Byrd, 19, and Aniyah Thomas, 21, have both been charged through second-degree killing after 27-year-old Nitekka Lennear to be shot to death on the evening of September 2.

The Cocoa Police Department introduced an investigation after they got several 911 calls regarding a shooting in ~ an apartment block on phibìc Fiske Boulevard.

When officers landed on the scene, they uncovered the victim with multiple gunshot wounds.

Lennear was taken to a hospital, wherein she was later on pronounced dead.

During the investigation, it was uncovered that Lennear checked out the apartment block to challenge Thomas, a former girlfriend of hers, about a on facebook post.

Lennear was recording the incident on she phone and also live streaming it to the society media site.

The video showed Lennear exiting she vehicle and also walking as much as the "D" structure to confront Thomas, that was with one more woman—later identified as Byrd.

Byrd is Thomas" girlfriend and also a cousin of Lennear"s current girlfriend.

The confrontation then escalated right into a physical fight involving both couples. At one point in the video, a woman calls out "shoot her! shooting her!" before several gunshots are heard.

Lennear deserve to then be seen falling come the ground.

"Detectives to be able to secure interviews with crucial witnesses that made corroborating statements indicating Byrd to be the shooter and also Thomas was the person in the video shouting "shoot her,"" Cocoa Police claimed in a statement.

"The witness statements along with the video evidence and other physical proof at the step made the probable cause for one arrest because that second-degree murder because that each of the 2 suspects."

According to a 911 speak to obtained by Click Orlando, one mrs told the dispatcher that "someone literally just shot her prefer 20 f*****g times" in ~ the apartment block.

"She"s laying under at the end of the stairs," the caller added.

Both suspects are stated to have actually run far from the apartment adhering to the shooting.

During police interviews, Thomas claimed she walk not know what happened prior to the shooting together she was fighting through Lennear"s girlfriend. She later admitted she was the one who referred to as out "shoot the , bae," as soon as detectives confirmed her the video of the incident.

Byrd refused to answer questions regarding the shooting.

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The Cocoa Police Department has been contacted for additional comment.


Leniquea Byrd (L) and also Aniyah Thomas have both to be charged v the second degree killing of 27-year-old Nitekka Lennear in Florida.Cocoa Police Department