A 10-year-old girl has died after a hit-and-run crash Thursday morning in ft Pierce, authorities said.

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FORT PIERCE, Fla. — A 10-year-old girl has passed away after a hit-and-run crash Thursday morning in fort Pierce, authorities said.

The crash taken place shortly prior to 6:15 a.m. At Skylark Drive and also Oleander Avenue.

Police said Yaceny Berenice Rodriguez-Gonzalez to be crossing the street to acquire to her institution bus, i beg your pardon was stopped with the red lights flashing and stop authorize extended.

A white sedan walking northbound went about the parked bus, struggle the girl, climate took off.

When officers landed on the scene, they found Rodriguez-Gonzalez lying unconscious in a grassy area.

Rodriguez-Gonzalez was taken to Lawnwood regional Medical Center, whereby she later died from her injuries.

While it"s uncertain if the driver was masculine or female, investigators claimed they are searching for a white, four-door sedan v front-end damage.

"We want to find this person and take them into custody," said significant Carlos Rodriguez with the fort Pierce Police Department. "They didn"t also stop to check out if the human that they hit, the young son that was struck, Yaceny, was OK. And that hurts us all."


Child killed after gift struck by auto in fort Pierce hit-and-run crash

Police said it shows up Rodriguez-Gonzalez"s mother and younger sibling saw the catastrophic crash. The influence was so severe, the girl"s shoes and also backpack to be knocked off her.

St. Lucie Public schools Superintendent Wayne Gent said there were children on the college bus when Rodriguez-Gonzalez was struck.

"Folks have to slow down and pay fist to what"s walking on and pay attention to your surroundings when they"re driving, especially when there"s institution buses there," Gent said.

Gent included that grief counselors space on hand at Rodriguez-Gonzalez"s college to aid students and also staff members who space struggling through the tragedy.

"The district itself, we"re in a state that shock right now," Gent said. "We"re simply crushed."

No skid marks. Doesn’t look like automobile tried to stop. The 10 year old girl to be hit, back pack and also shoes flew off.The bus had actually its arm/stop authorize out and did every little thing right according to

— Meghan McRoberts (
Meghanpriziv.org) September 23, 2021

Also, it’s really likely mommy saw the whole thing happen. The girl was sitting in she moms auto waiting because that the bus come come. She obtained out to cross the street when a driver failure to acknowledge the bus.

— Meghan McRoberts (
Meghanpriziv.org) September 23, 2021

"It"s pretty tough. Ns feel the pain," stated neighbor James Mayes. "I expect whoever did that will turn himself in because that"s pretty bad."

Major Rodriguez stated the driver associated will challenge charges the hit-and-run with significant bodily injury resulting in death.

If girlfriend have any type of information that can help detectives, call Treasure coast Crime Stoppers at 1-800-273-8477 or ft Pierce Police web traffic Homicide Investigator Shane Stokes at 772-302-4764 or sstokes

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