A woman was hanging out on a yacht in the Bahamas once she jumped into the water and came within feet of a terrifying sea creature.

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Iso Machado to be celebrating her date of birth on she friend’s yacht once she determined to use the inflatable slide attached come it to enter the ocean.

In a viral video uploaded by other passenger Kevan Sarota, Machado can be seen gliding under the inflatable slide there is no a treatment in the world.


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Once she’s in the water, though, she comes face-to-face with a huge shark.

“It come out the nowhere,” Sarota listed in the video.

“As she was going down, one of the crew members yelled and pointed indigenous the deck listed below which caught all of our attention,” Sarota later on told Jam Press.

“We were worried and also immediately jumped in come make certain Iso was okay as soon as it adjusted directions however she continued to be calm and it bumped her then continued on that way,” they continued.

Upon further inspection, Sarota said Jam press that he believes the biology Machado come in contact with to be a nurse shark, i beg your pardon is typically harmless come humans.

was actually really happy and felt lucky to watch one therefore close,” Sarota said.

On TikTok, numerous users noted that castle would’ve been terrified had actually they remained in Machado’s shoes.

“This has actually ‘hell no’ written all over it,” one person said.

“I would’ve to be screaming,” another user added.

“I’m literally passing out just watching this,” a third person noted.

What a crazy birthday surprise! examine out kevansirota and _anthonymachado_ on Instagram for more.

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