Kaylee Muthart, the woman who gouged the end her own eyes in 2018, has actually received a collection of prosthetic eyeballs.

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Muthart, 22, has been blind because the incident. In footage of Dr. Joseph Gorrin place the prosthetic eyes, the south Carolina resident was every smiles.

"I to be so excited to gain them," Muthart said. "I simply wanted to appear an ext normal to the external world."

The minute was an emotionally one for Muthart and those closest come her, consisting of boyfriend Alex George, 42.

"I said, 'I feel like I’m Kaylee again,' and Alex said, 'You’ve constantly been Kaylee to me,' " Muthart said, including that George wept when he witnessed her through her new eyes because that the an initial time after the august 5 procedure.

"It melted mine heart," George said. "She to be never any type of different to me, but I know she’s want this for a really long time and also I’m for this reason happy she has this now."






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"Seeing Kaylee happy provides me happy," the finance executive added. "She is constantly an upbeat and also positive person, yet this made her extra happy. It was significant to be able to look in she eyes."

The couple celebrated Muthart's new prosthetic eyes with a dinner out at Applebee's. "Before we had actually dinner, I placed on my own makeup because that the an initial time since I shed my sight, that felt very special," Muthart, who remains blind, said.

"She is therefore excited because that me and also this next chapter in mine life," added Muthart, that is at this time enrolled in a institution for the blind and also is concentrated on finishing she high institution diploma prior to earning one associate's degree.

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"I’ve learned a kind amount the braille and also I deserve to cook, usage a stove, to wash clothes, do the bed and look after pets now," she said, before adding, "I’ve come together a long method from 2 years ago."

Muthart's story garnered lot attention in 2018 after ~ she took out her own eyes throughout a meth-induced psychotic episode that February.

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"Coming turn off meth was awful, physically and also mentally, there to be hallucinations and psychosis, however I overcame it many thanks to God," she said. Muthart is functioning on a book around her journey to sobriety.

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