Jennifer Pan plan the perfect house invasion come murder her parents, she rental three men for the job, every little thing was going follow to her plan, her parents were required to the basement and also shot, bring about her mother’s death and father gift in an induced coma. She to be free, nobody suspected her, she was finally cost-free from she restrictive parental – however her plan was cut brief after she father went back from an synthetic coma.

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Jennifer and her boyfriend Daniel Wong

Jennifer began lying once she to be a small child, she blamed a many her behavior on “Tiger Parenting,” since since Hann Pan constantly put education above everything, it gained so poor for her that she comprised lies to think she to be the daughter she want to be.

The Pans picked up Jennifer when her classes ended each day and also closely monitored her extracurricular activities. Jennifer to be never permitted to day boys during her high college years or to visit high school dances or proms for are afraid that these tasks would distract her from scholastic commitments. Jennifer and also her friends considered her upbringing restrictive and also highly oppressive.

Jennifer began to command a dual life the deception, she started to produce cards through a photocopier, also though she did not complete school. She wrote a letter of evaluation to an upstream pharmacy school, the career her father chose for her.


Jennifer fail in her final year of high school in the mathematics class, Ryerson college revoked her at an early stage admission due to the fact that Jennifer can not bear come be viewed as a failure. She began lying to she family and also pretending to attend university.

Jennifer and her brother Felix at she mother’s funeral

Instead, she satellite in cafes, teach piano, and also worked in a restaurant to do money come sustain the farce, she told her parents that she had received scholarships, also claiming that she had embraced an offer for the pharmacology program at the college of Toronto.

She also bought second-hand textbooks and watched pharmacology videos to produce notebooks full of alleged class notes the she might show to her parents. Jennifer additionally asked her parents because that permission to remain with a friend near campus every week. However, she stayed with his boyfriend Daniel Chi-Kwong Wong, she high institution sweetheart whom she parents knew nothing about.

While pretending come graduate native the college of Toronto, Pan told her parents that she had worked as a volunteer in ~ the Hospital because that Sick Children. Hann and also Bich were not convinced, as she did not have a hospital id or uniform. Bich complied with her daughter to work once and quickly uncovered her deception.

Hann to be shocked as soon as she uncovered her daughter’s lying life and also wanted to kick Jennifer out of the house, but Bich persuaded him to enable her come stay. Hann offered Jennifer one ultimatum – go ago to school and finish high school and not check out Daniel again or wait till I’m dead to view him.


Jennifer and also Wong’s stunner Relationship

Daniel Chi-Kwong Wong was her high college sweetheart the her parental didn’t know about. Jennifer was 24 years old once Wong grew tired of do the efforts to have actually a relationship with her due to the fact that she to be constrained by she parents. She lived at home and only met that secretly.

When Jennifer found out around it, Wong began dating another woman, she made up a story. She said Wong that a man had broken into her house who had presented a police badge. She included that number of men had stormed in and also raped her, and after every this she insisted the a bullet had been sent out to her the Wong had said had actually been sent by his new girlfriend.


The “Almost” Perfect house Invasion Plan

Text message recovered from Jennifer’s call revealed that Daniel had put Jennifer in touch through the popular hitman, who he had actually met through his medicine dealings. Among the text messages from the conversation Jennifer said: “I did whatever for you”

The Gunman the Daniel and also Pan hired to death her parents

According to police, Jennifer and Daniel had actually a arrangement to rental a expert thug because that $10,000 to kill her parents, eventually, she would inherit $500,000. Daniel gave Jennifer a center card and also an iphone phone so she could call the thug.

On November 8th, 2010, Pan signaled to them the she had unlocked the door by turning her bedroom irradiate on and off several times once she saw bed. She also spoke to one of the men, Mylvaganam. Shortly after, Mylvaganam and also two other world entered the home through the unlocked former door.

They demanded all the money in the house and also ransacked the master bedroom, taking Bich and Hann come the basement, where they shoot them several times. Bich was eliminated on the spot, yet Hann survived.

After Hann recovered indigenous the man-made coma, he said he remembered everything, he experienced his daughter coming down the stairs and was handcuffed, she spoke kindly to one of them.


Investigation and Arrests

Jennifer to be interviewed the night after ~ the murder and arrested ~ above November 22, 2010, throughout her third interview at Markham Police Station. During that interview, she admitted to having hired killers however stated that she had hired lock to death her. Jennifer, Daniel, and also the hitmen were arrested.

Trial that Jennifer Pan

The psychological of Jennifer Pan and her accomplices started on 19 march 2014, in Newmarket and lasted ten months. All pleaded not guilty to the fees of first-degree murder, check murder, and conspiracy come murder.

Police had several piece of evidence, consisting of a comprehensive tracking that mobile maker movements and text blog post traffic, including more than 100 message sent in between Pan and also Wong in the six hours prior to the killing.


During interrogation, Pan and also her friend Daniel said a different story, the irregularity being that Pan was not attacked, blindfolded, required to the basement, or shot, leaving an eyewitness to the attack. Jennifer, Daniel Wong, Mylvaganam, and Crawford were every convicted top top December 13, 2014, and each got a life sentence v no possibility of parole for 25 years.

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Before Jennifer was lugged off to jail her father addressed her saying “I expect my daughter Jennifer thinks about what happened to her household can end up being an honest person.”

Jennifer Pan Now

As the 2016, Jennifer Pan was serving her sentence at cool Valley institution for women in Kitchener, Ontario. She is additionally prohibited indigenous contacting Wong.