Dalia Dippolito make the efforts framing her husband, Michael, to acquire his probation revoked, he said. When that failed, she tried to pay $7,000 to have him killed — but her plan had one problem.

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Shortly after the marriage of Michael and Dalia Dippolito in February 2009, things began to go south, Michael would later on testify. And also in late July 2009 — just five months after their wedding —she payment an undercover cop $7,000 to take she husband’s life, as thorough on the season premiere that “Murder because that Hire,” airing Saturdays in ~ 6 p.m. ET/PT ~ above priziv.org.

Michael Dippolito was married to an additional woman when he very first met Dalia Mohammed in Boynton Beach, Florida, in so late 2009. He had hired her for sex v an escort service, however he conveniently fell in love and also divorced his wife. Five days after ~ the paperwork to be finalized, they obtained married, according to alphabet News.

Michael was a convicted former conman, exit on probation five years before meeting Dalia Mohammed. Dalia offered that fact versus him once she began sending saucy texts to Mike Stanley, an ex-lover, make the efforts to convince him to assist her acquire her husband arrested and also sent ago to prison, prosecutors stated at trial, according to the connected Press. She allegedly persuaded Stanley come impersonate a lawyer and convince she husband he’d completed his probation — and also to impersonate a doctor to to convince him she was pregnant.

Michael also testified in ~ trial that his wife planted drugs in his truck and also tried come poison among his drinks with antifreeze, the connected Press reported.


Dalia Dippolito attempted to hire an assassin come murder she husband for this reason she could get his cash. Unfortunately for her, the "assassin" to be an undercover cop and also her transaction was recorded on tape. The cops then staged a scene whereby they would certainly tell her that her husband was dead. Castle filmed she fake, tearful reaction...and my was it Oscar-worthy. She to be convicted and also sentenced to 20 years, and became an net sensation She will be re-tried this year, however, due to the fact that members the the jury had currently seen the internet videos before the trial.
In addition to flirting through Stanley, Dalia was likewise in interaction with one more ex-lover, Mohamed Shihadeh. July 31, 2009, Shihadeh visited Boynton coast police come tell them that his previous “intimate friend” to be trying to get him to uncover her a fight man, according to the sun Sentinel.

The police sent out undercover officer Widy Jean come pose as a hitman, and Mohammed paid Jean $7,000 come murder her husband, according to the associated Press. The plan: while Dalia to be at the gym, Jean would shoot her husband and also make the look like a burglary.

Because they want to record the wife’s reaction because that evidence, police staged the fake burglary and also informed Dalia the her husband was dead, follow to abc News. She pretended to be shocked.

When she saw trial, Dalia declared that she and her now-ex-husband had set up the entire scene together a stunt, follow to alphabet News. They were hoping to article the footage on YouTube and get on reality TV, and also they believed it would be ideal if whatever was videotaped on the cameras of real, undercover police officers, she claimed.

“That’s the dumbest point I’ve ever heard in my life,” Michael called “Murder for Hire” producers.

Dippolito to be sentenced to 16 year in prison in 2017. She attempted to appeal she sentence previously this year — a request which the Florida supreme Court rejected without discuss Sept. 4, according to alphabet News. Her booked release day is 2032, the outlet reported.

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