Heading right into the Tucson Regional the the NCAA Tournament, the Auburn Tigers were finding their rhythm when again. After shedding 10 the their final 12 regular-season games, Auburn knocked turn off No. 2 particle Tennessee in the SEC Tournament and became the lowest-seeded team (10) in SEC history to with the postseason tournament’s semifinals. Through the wind at your backs, Auburn would confront Colorado State, a team in the middle of a record-setting season, in their first game that the division I soft ball Tournament.

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Auburn walk on to victory the video game in convincing fashion, 10-5, however the an outcome was overshadowed by one of the scariest moment for any type of athlete who has ever before pitched in a baseball or softball game.

Colorado State jumped out to an early lead top top starter Chardonnay Harris through hitting two house runs in the an initial inning. By the 2nd inning, Auburn pitcher Ashlee Swindle (11-8) gotten in the game and also shut down the Rams’ offense. The junior, who threw a complete-game shutout against the volunteers in the SEC Tournament, to be brilliant when again, dropping she ERA come 2.96 after ~ not enabling a single earned run.

However, Swindle’s night to be cut short when she took a scary line journey to the challenge with one the end in the fifth inning. After staying down on the ar for several minutes if Auburn’s athletic trainers attended to her, Swindle was assisted to she feet and also walked turn off under her very own power.

Softball Pitcher fight By line Drive

“It’s difficult to talk about,” Auburn head coach Mickey Dean told reporters after the game. “I don’t even know if ns can, since that’s a kid who works so hard and we?re not here without her.”

In a Facebook post the adhering to Saturday morning, crystal Godwin update Ashlee’s problem as she escaped without significant injury. Later on that day, Ashlee also posted come her personal Twitter account and also seemed in great spirits.

“Update ~ above Ashlee… together of beforehand this morning… She passed all of her eye exams. They have offered her steroids and pain medication. No fractures simply a lot of swelling. Every one of the doctors proclaimed that she was lucky, we prefer to say we were blessed the the round missed she eye socket. God absolutely had his hand top top Ash. She was in a many pain however was released last night. She proclaimed she will be back on the field in 5 days therefore the girls essential to win. Thanks to everyone for gift there because that our family. The Auburn girls truly care and also love one another and also they stand for the native ‘family’.”

Thank you anyone for every the texts and calls. I was blessed with great doctors. God is good❤️

— Ashlee Swindle (

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The hashtag #SwingItForSwindle ended up being Auburn soft ball team’s rallying cry together they ongoing on the remainder of the weekend without her. Auburn would certainly lose, 2-1, come the No. 6 as whole seed and also NCAA local host Arizona Wildcats the complying with day, climate beat CSU again, 8-0, to development to the local final for the fifth time in 6 years.

Arizona showed to be too lot as they’d roll Auburn, 12-3, and end the tigers season in the NCAA softball tournament’s very first round. It to be the second-straight season the college of Auburn hadn’t got to the at sight Regionals.

This short article was initially published might 20, 2019.

UPDATE: before her an elderly season in 2020 to be cut quick due come the coronavirus pandemic and spread of COVID-19, Swindle pitched in 16 gamings for Auburn, posting a 3.65 ERA and 6-4 record. Swindle is the only one of six seniors not expected to return in 2021 ~ the NCAA granted spring sport athletes included eligibility.

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“That begins in June because that her, ns believe. And also the method the job industry is appropriate now, i think it’s a good decision for her to move on v that,” head coach Mickey Dean said, via The Montgomery Advertiser. “We support her in that decision.”

Swindle’s college career appears over, yet she’ll always be remembered as one of the toughest tigers to ever play top top The Plains.

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