Digital sleuths float theories on YouTube and Facebook dozens of times a day, saying they’ve discovered evidence to threaten the main story — the Jenkins had obtained intoxicated at a hotel party, wandered far from she friends and stumbled right into a freezer she was unable come escape.

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every one of that is a lie, they say. Jenkins didn’t dice from a disastrous accident, but murder, perhaps at the hands of an body organ harvesting ring. Or possibly it wasn’t Jenkins in ~ all who was recorded on the hotel’s surveillance video, however a body double.

Demonstrators marked the anniversary that Jenkins’ death by gathering Sunday exterior the Crowne Plaza O’Hare Hotel in Rosemont. That’s wherein her body to be found, and also where crowds converged come protest in the weeks ~ the discovery, incensed by what they called a lax solution from the hotel and also police.

“I think something happened to her,” claimed a YouTuber that goes by the manage Str8drop and also who has actually made videos trying out what he calls inconsistencies in the monitoring videos. “She absolutely was killed. She no walk right into the freezer.”

after concluding the Jenkins died in one accident, Rosemont police exit dozens the photos and also documents and also hours of video clip footage to support their finding. That material, though, has been repurposed by skeptics, countless of whom have never collection foot in Rosemont.

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lock have end up being a large and quarrelsome community, through factions coalescing around varying hypotheses. One Massachusetts woman, who administers a on facebook group dedicated to the case, said Jenkins herself has been forgotten in the frenzy to construct up some theories and also knock under others.

“For part reason, human being really felt connected to her, yet that has faded,” claimed the woman, who asked no to be called for fear of harassment. “Now, that become more of a groupthink. It’s really strange. It’s choose we can not walk earlier from this.”

Jenkins and some friends checked out a party in Room 926 the the Crowne Plaza in the beforehand morning that Sept. 9, 2017, some of which was recorded on videos posted to Facebook. Jenkins drank in ~ the gathering, according to angry statements, however the party to be otherwise uneventful.

once Jenkins and her friends made decision to leave about two hours later, she waited in the hallway as they went back to the room come retrieve she phone and keys, one witness said. As soon as they returned, Jenkins was gone.

Surveillance video later released by police confirmed Jenkins stumbling alone v the hotel’s hallways, ending up in a little-used kitchen and also rounding a edge where a walk-in freezer to be kept. The footage, bring away by a motion-activated camera, showed no one rather in the area till her body was uncovered 20 hrs later.

Warning: video clip contains graphics language. Video, audio and also police reports provide the most complete timeline however in the death of 19-year-old Kenneka Jenkins in a Rosemont hotel’s walk-in freezer in September 2017.

an autopsy report from the chef County clinical examiner’s office concluded that Jenkins passed away of hypothermia, v alcohol and a drug used to act epilepsy and migraines “significant contributing factors.”

The report claimed her body proved no signs of trauma, various other than a scrape and bruise on her appropriate leg. A private examination performed at the inquiry of she family additionally concluded there was no proof of a physical attack or sex-related assault, follow to court papers.

nobody of that has actually stopped different theories native flourishing. Monet’ Hughes, a Texan that moderates among the biggest Facebook groups specialized to the case, is among many who preserve that video clip released through authorities to be edited. She attributed social media for keeping a bright spotlight ~ above the case.

“We made that major,” she said. “Facebook made the major. We recognize that infant did not do that come herself.”

however another collection of people following the case have bring away an the contrary approach, attempting come debunk the countless conspiracies that have spread across the internet.

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Gray Hughes, a YouTuber native Oregon who specializes in true crime, has made dozens the videos about Jenkins, countless of which cast doubt on theories others put forward. He even used computer animation to illustrate just how Jenkins can have traveled v the hotel — a path, he said, that provides the police version believable.

“I think that all developed up,” he claimed of the numerous opposing views. “I think society media, and also the ease of access of content, created an avalanche of insanity.”

Rosemont market Brad Stephens claimed the situation still reflects up in reports the receives on just how the town is being depicted on society media. He has actually no regrets around putting the investigative products onto Rosemont’s website, the said, however found that “ironic” that numerous refuse to take it at face value.

“People view shadow images and all kinds of other things, and also I don’t recognize how and where they check out that stuff,” that said. “But that’s the internet age we live in. People come to be experts and also post the on social media channels.”

He stated no one has come forward with new evidence in the case, and given that, over there is no factor to look for the aid of the FBI, as part demonstrators have demanded.


brother Westside, 72, in background, hold a flag when Charles Harris, 35, in foreground, points external the Crowne Plaza O’Hare Hotel top top Sept. 9, 2018, a year ~ Kenneka Jenkins was discovered dead inside a freezer at the hotel. (Armando L. Sanchez/Chicago Tribune)

The family’s legal action has stalled, too, court documents indicate. Lawyers for Jenkins’ mother, Tereasa Martin, successfully petitioned last year to have actually the hotel maintain photographs, documents and also other possible evidence, however they have not filed a lawsuit.


neither Martin nor she attorney went back messages seek comment. The hotel’s lawyer also declined to comment.

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Jedidiah Brown, a Chicago activist who aided to organize last year’s demonstrations before falling out v the family, stated social media, for all its “destructive capabilities,” has presented its precious in the aftermath of Jenkins’ death.

“I think the dialogue or opinions worrying the situation is what kept it alive,” he said. “It kept people interested and also focused on getting that justice. To this day, it keeps that fight alive.”



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