Police stated there may be other victims and also urged parents whose youngsters may have actually come in call with Lauren Kavanaugh come talk through them. Top top Thursday, police stated there were no advancements in the case.

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Lauren Kavanaugh, pictured in December 2013 at her home in Canton, to be arrested Dec. 8.(Sarah Hoffman / employee Photographer)
The arrest this mainly of Lauren Kavanaugh, a survivor the childhood sex abuse, after Lewisville police accused her of sexually assaulting a teenager shocked those that knew her well and couldn"t imagine her together a predator.


Lauren Kavanaugh was being held on $10,000 bail.(Denton ar Jail)

Police got a pointer Monday that the 25-year-old Kavanaugh, who parents tortured and also starved she from periods 2 come 8, sexually attacked a 14-year-old girl.

The teenager told policemans she had been in a sexual connection with Kavanaugh for 2 months.

Investigators said Kavanaugh admitted having sex through the teen. She remained at the Denton county Jail ~ above Friday, with bail collection at $10,000.

Police claimed there may be various other victims and urged parental whose kids may have actually come in contact with Kavanaugh to talk through them. ~ above Thursday, Lewisville police Capt. Jesse Hunter said there were no advancements in the case.

“We hope it was an secluded incident,” the said.

Kavanaugh make headlines in June 2001 after her rescue from a filthy closet at her family"s mobile home in Hutchins. Referred to as the "Girl in the Closet," the 8-year-old weighed just 25 pounds.

Her mother and stepfather, Barbara and Kenneth Atkinson, starved Kavanaugh and subjected her to recurring sexual abuse. They are both offer life sentences in jail for felony injury to a child and also will be eligible for parole in 2031.

Kim Higgins, the child Protective services agent that was assigned come Kavanaugh"s case early on, said she stays in regular call with her and also was shocked by news of her arrest.

"I to be shocked because she self-harms, yet she"s never hurt anyone else," Higgins said. "She"s not predatory. She"s no attracted to young children."

Under Texas law, a son is anyone under 17, and also children can"t consent to sex.

Higgins said Kavanaugh is "mentally around 15 year old." She stated she go not recognize Kavanaugh remained in a relationship, but it didn"t surprise her that Kavanaugh finds typical ground with teenagers.

She said Kavanaugh struggles with flashbacks and also severe post-traumatic tension disorder.

Patricia Kaminski, a professor that psychology at the college of north Texas, said it"s rarely for a human who to be sexually abused as a son to repeat that cycle the abuse, coming to be a perpetrator. It"s more common for women who were sexually abused as youngsters to be sexually abused again together adults, she said.

"Girls that room abused will go on to be revictimized," Kaminski said. "It is an ext rare to watch the female be the sexual perpetrator."


A year after she rescue, Lauren Kavanaugh commemorated her 9th birthday through (from left) therapist Sondra Mahoney, court-appointed advocate Leslie Baker and CPS caseworker Kim Higgins.(Courtesy)

The vast majority of human being who room sexually abused as children don"t go on come abuse others. Yet one in three perpetrators of sex-related abuse are victims that abuse themselves, follow to the Association for the treatment of sexual Abusers.

With physics abuse, Kaminski said, it"s much more common to see youngsters of abusive parents go on come abuse their very own children.

"In general, every one of us tend to execute what our parental did," she said, "unless we make a mindful effort otherwise."

Kavanaugh has refused call with her parents.

"I would put them where I was," she said in an figure on Dr. Phil. "I desire them to suffer."


1/2Lauren Kavanaugh's mother, Barbara Atkinson, is serving a life sentence in Gatesville.(Texas room of Criminal Justice)


2/2Kenneth Atkinson is serving a life sentence because that abusing Lauren Kavanaugh together a child.(Texas department of Criminal Justice)

Leslie Baker, a former court-appointed support for Kavanaugh, said the abuse Kavanaugh suffered brought about serious education delays and brain damage, slowing she development.

"In my love of hearts, i think this to be a consensual situation and she simply doesn"t know what happened," Baker said.

Under Texas law, anyone under 17 is legally a child, and also children can"t consent come sex.

Kelly Slaven, the cook clinical officer at the Dallas Children"s Advocacy Center, claimed Kavanaugh"s stunted development may median she doesn"t act her chronological age. Rather, she"ll feel more like she developmental age.

"This victim, the young girl, she still experiences that together being v an adult," Slaven said. "And Lauren may be having actually an endure of being a peer, and also that it s okay so confused."

Children that abusive parents who break the abuse cycle regularly have had access to therapy and a strong support network, Slaven said. She claimed the advocacy center often works with child sexual attack victims whose mothers also experienced sex-related abuse.

Barbara Atkinson, Kavanaugh"s organic mother, has actually said she was sexually abused prior to being embraced at age 3. Her birth mother, who has actually schizophrenia, often left her through strangers.

Higgins said no lot of treatment can undo the trauma inflicted on Kavanaugh.

"Trauma does terrible things come people. We don"t all function at ours chronological age, and she"s doing the ideal she can with the terrible hand she to be given," Higgins said. "But she"s not a predator."

Dana Branham, breaking news reporter. Dana is a reporter at The Dallas Morning News covering crime and also breaking news. She i graduated in 2017 from the university of Oklahoma, whereby she studied journalism. Before coming to The News in 2018, Dana interned in ~ the Cincinnati Enquirer and also the Tulsa World.


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