If you"ve turned your TV to anything besides Netflix in the last few years, there"s a an excellent chance you"ve seen the at&t commercials special Lily Adams, a resourceful save employee. Because 2013, Milana Vayntrub has actually played the personality in more than 40 TV spots because that AT&T, and for numerous avid viewers, she"s come to be synonymous through the telecommunications brand. So, it was a welcome surprise as soon as she recently made a reappearance because that an NCAA in march Madness-themed commercial.

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This time around, we see Lily hyping up AT&T"s 5G network to a march Madness fan. Every time the customer has a brand-new question, they also have actually a new foam finger — i beg your pardon Lily can"t assist but suggest out is a little bit monster (after she"s answered all of the questions, the course).

The brand-new March Madness ad fits right in with the other Lily spots, showcasing she quirky personality and quick wit. However, pan may have actually noticed the in this commercial, the character, that can regularly be watched roaming around an at&t store, is stationed behind a desk with her body mostly concealed. It transforms out the concealing her body was an intentional selection by Vayntrub, and she was much more than willing to share with fans why she"ll continue to execute so for the time being.

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After receiving numerous questions about why she body is concealed in the latest AT&T commercials, Milana Vayntrub — who additionally voices Squirrel Girl in New Warriors — required to Twitter to define the decision. "Well," she wrote, "I direct the ads. I ar myself prefer that. And also it"s since of the thousands of unwelcome comments ns receive around my body. You"ve shed the privilege the looking at it till I feel safe again."

This is not the first time Vayntrub has directly addressed the reality that she receives unwanted comments about her body. Last year, she speak out about the sexual harassment she obtained online, which intensified after image of it s her in college were spread around. During an Instagram Live session the was reposted ~ above Twitter, she read the unreasonable comments she was receiving the end loud and also made it clean they to be making her uncomfortable. She told viewers, "I am no consenting to any of this... I carry out not want any of this."

AT&T has expressed their support for the actress, saying "We will certainly not pardon the inappropriate comments and harassment that Milana Vayntrub, the talented actor and also director who portrays Lily in ours ads. Last summer, us disabled or deleted these comment on our social sites. We proceed to hit to assistance her and our values, i m sorry appreciate and respect all women" (via Yahoo). The company has due to the fact that released another advertisement featuring Lily as soon as again sit behind a desk.