Before 13-year-old Rosalie Avila hanged herself in her Yucaipa, California, bedroom critical month, she left numerous notes because that her family to read as soon as they found her body.

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“She left one note that was for my wife, and it said, ‘I love you, mom. I’m i m really sorry you’re gonna find me prefer this,’ ” Rosalie’s father, Freddie Avila, speak “Another note said, ‘Please, don’t post any kind of pictures of me in ~ my funeral.’ Those were her goodbye notes.”

Rosalie’s family discovered Rosalie unresponsive top top Nov. 28, in a moment Freddie claims he will never forget.

“There to be music playing and also her door to be locked. Ns knew something was wrong due to the fact that she wasn’t responding,” Avila states of the moments after he and also Rosalie’s siblings went back home. “My son ended up choose the lock to gain in over there and every one of them go in there and also just screamed. I ran come the room and my daughter was hanging there on the rope. Everybody to be hysterical.”



Avila states he provided Rosalie CPR because that what seemed like a “lifetime” — “I to be screaming, ‘Come on, Rose. I love you. Please.’ ”

“I was hoping and also praying that this isn’t happening, yet it happening. And also it’s horrible.”

Rosalie was declared brain dead top top Dec. 1 and was taken off of life support three days later. Follow to the family, Rosalie’s suicide attempt followed months of sewage bullying. Avila says Yucaipa-Calimesa school District officials walk nothing to safeguard the teen.

“She said, ‘They’re calling me a whore. They’re telling me the I have herpes,’ and other negative stuff,” Avila tells “They made funny of her teeth, everything about her. And also she left a bunch of notes, they dubbed her ugly and she had actually ones of her looking in the mirror saying, ‘Ugly.’ everything they called her, she believed.”



As the bullying continued, Rosalie began cutting herself, Avila speak The family now to plan to document a wrongful fatality lawsuit against the school district because that its “negligence and also failure come take suitable measures come safeguard Rosalie as a victim of bullying and also ensure she safety.”

“The school was additionally negligent in failing come take action against the bullies and enabling them to continue in their relentless verbal abuse that Rosalie knowing the frail problem she was in,” the family’s attorney, Brian Claypool, announced in a statement.

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“In enhancement to the verbal abuse, classmates circulated a video portraying what an ugly girl looked like and what a quite girl looked like and used a photo of Rosalie come portray the ugly girl,” Claypool said. “The video was circulated throughout the school and also online, going viral. In her self-destruction note, Rosalie apologized to she parents for being ugly.”


The Yucaipa-Calimesa share Unified school District exit a explain on Dec. 1 confirming Avila’s death, noting that “The ar Board that Education, that is administration, and staff are all joined in care and also concern for those influenced by this tragedy.”

“The neighborhoods of Yucaipa and Calimesa have actually proven to it is in caring, united, active, supportive neighborhoods in all manner of events, even if it is joyful or sorrowful,” the statement, i m sorry was mutual by KTLA, likewise said in part. “The district earnestly believes and also hopes the those features will continue to concerned bear here as we room all committed to the well-being and also support of everyone in the YCJUSD family.”

The superintendent that the Yucaipa-Calimesa share Unified college District also issued a statement speak “we space working very closely with detectives … in their investigation into allegations of bullying. This problem requires all of us to occupational together, to watch for signs and intervene once we see problems,” follow to CBS Los Angeles.

Avila describes the weeks because Rosalie’s fatality as “the worst roller coaster drive of my life.” He claims he and also his wife, Charlene, room heartbroken and also determined to organize the school district account “to make certain my daughter’s life isn’t meaningless.”

“I feel simply heartbroken. Every the points I’ve ever wanted for her space gone,” Charlene says. “I’m never gonna see her graduate high school. I’m never ever gonna check out her ever before get married or have children. I’m never gonna celebrate she birthdays. Christmas is in a few days and I’m not gonna have actually my daughter v us because that Christmas. I’ll never ever be the same, yet I will certainly remain solid for my other children.”

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