Police in Atlanta speak a mrs is dead and a doubt gunman has actually been eliminated inside a high-rise apartment ~ a shootout with officers


ATLANTA -- A man killed a woman and also then passed away during a shootout v police in ~ an apartment structure in Atlanta"s midtown ar early Wednesday, police said.

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Police priziv.orgt calls the a shooting inside the luxury high-rise shortly before 3:30 a.m. And officers comment within five minutes, Atlanta police cook Rodney Bryant said throughout a news conference.

Officers determined that shots to be coming native the building"s 21st floor, follow to a Georgia office of investigation news release. Approaching police officers saw a man firing a rifle at them native a balcony. At least one officer reverted fire, the GBI said.

Officers uncovered a mrs dead inside the apartment where she resided in the Atlantic home Midtown, which at 32 stories is one of the city"s tallest residential buildings. The man who shot at police, identified as 32-year-old Jarvis Jarrette of Milledgeville, was uncovered dead ~ above a balcony, the GBI said.

Police stated it appears the man and also woman knew every other and also that there was no forced entry. Police to be trying to recognize whether the man additionally lived in the building or whether he was visiting, Bryant said.

“We have one individual that is deceased within the apartment, and the human being that we believe is the assailant likewise has been killed,” Bryant said.

Deputy chief Charles Hampton said several rounds were fired, entering many units. Police have been maybe to examine the other units and haven’t found any other victims, that said.

Since Atlanta police involved in a shootout v the man, the GBI has actually been dubbed in to take care of that component of the investigation. That is typical procedure when police officers use force throughout encounters through the public. The basic shooting incident, including the fatality of the woman, is being investigated by Atlanta police.

Bryant said police provided a drone “to have the ability to assess the scene and also to assist us out with this process.” that did not intricate on specifically how the drone was used.

A variety of people called 911 and police are also aware that a number of people to be recording video while the occurrence was unfolding, Bryant said. He urged anyone with added information to contact police.

Speaking during the news conference, mayor Keisha Lance bottoms reminded residents to speak to 911 as soon as they see something danger happening.

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“We did start receiving phone calls, however social media received information and also has received much more information, quite frankly, 보다 we have received v our 911 center," she said. “So for us to it is in able to accordingly respond and assess, we just ask if you have the right to put under your camera, placed down your phone and call 911 and then allow us to do what us do.”

Police had closed streets about at least 4 square block of office and apartment buildings in an answer to the gunfire. The hefty emergency solution included an armored vehicle, one ambulance and multiple squad cars with officers carrying lengthy guns.