EAST ST. Louis — A 3-year-old girl struggle by a stray bullet Sunday night at an east St. Louis public housing facility has been asserted brain-dead at a hospital, and also her family has determined to donate she organs, the girl’s aunt claimed Wednesday.

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She was asleep in bed at her father’s apartment when a cartridge struck she under the left eye, stated her aunt, Mariesha Samuels, 37, that Belleville. Calyia’s father and also grandmother to be in the apartment however were not hurt, she said.

Housing authority public safety chief Cortez Slack said civilization were shooting at each other around 9:30 p.m. Sunday in ~ the Roosevelt Homes, 1328 north 44th Street. A bullet pierced a window and fight the girl, Slack said.

East St. Louis police and also the Illinois State Police are investigating the shooting but did no announce any type of arrests or relax a description of any kind of suspects.

The household agreed come donate she organs, and that process began Tuesday evening. Together of Wednesday afternoon, the St. Louis clinical examiner’s office had actually not got a formal declaration of death.

The girl is the daughter that Claudia Rowling and also Curtis Stringer. Samuels is the sister the Rowling, who experienced a enormous stroke 15 work after offering birth come Calyia, Samuels said. Rowling shed some speech and has some right-side paralysis native the stroke, claimed Samuels, who has medical power-of-attorney for she sister.

“Calyia’s mom has been fighting since the birth just to be below with her,” Samuels said. “Calyia was a very joyful small girl. She to be loved by a most people and she had actually a many support.”

Samuels claimed the household has a message for the community: “We simply really need them to recognize that we desire justice and also we desire anyone with information to come forward.”

East St. Luigi police Chief kendal Perry, who responded to the shooting scene in addition to other officers, stated he is concerned around an escalation of violence in the wake of the shooting.

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