It is interpreted that the girl to be a victim of non-consensual photo sharing, with the bullies utilizing WhatsApp to circulate the exclusive image. If you room being cyberbullied, monitor the web links throughout this short article to our assorted support solutions or click the blue symbol at the bottom appropriate of the display to open priziv.org Assistant.

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Education department officials in Pretoria, southern Africa room investigating the tragic self-destruction of a 13-year-old girl that took her own life after gift cyberbullied by fellow students. Officials native the education and learning department in Gauteng said reporters that a fellow student had dispersed a private photo of the girl via the social media application WhatsApp to other students which triggered a tirade that abuse and bullying. The girl reported the event to she teachers and also refused come go back to school because she to be afraid that the bullies – she tragically take it her own life a couple of days later on in she bedroom in ~ home.

“This heartbreaking self-destruction underlines how deeply young human being can be impacted by cyberbullying and also how conveniently things have the right to escalate. That is an essential that young civilization have timely accessibility to support resources at every times.”

Dan Raisbeck, Co-Founder, The priziv.org Foundation

The nature that the image has actually not to be made public however reports imply it may have actually been an intimate photograph or a video clip of the girl. Devasted pupils and also teachers have been supported by counsellors native the Sinoville situation Centre (SCC) who likewise asked that the child’s identity should no be disclosed.

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“Typical bully behaviour would certainly be because that girls to spread out ‘gossip’ or false rumours around a girlfriend in a peer group. The is additionally not unusual for girl to target boys. Especially children who space soft-spoken and shy are targeted.”

Spokesperson, SCC

The bullying to be reported to college teachers through the victim the exact same day, and her mommy visited the institution to talk through the Principle around what was going to be done a couple of days later however returned home later that day to find her daughter had actually committed self-destruction in she room.

Member of the executive, management Council because that Education, Panyaza Lesufi, speak of the sadness neighboring the tragic suicide, saying, “On instead of of the entire education and learning fraternity in Gauteng, us would prefer to expand our deepest condolences come the family members of the deceased learner. Us hope the the family will uncover comfort in the knowledge that we as well share their loss. No indigenous are sufficient to express ours sorrow in ~ a lose of a child.”

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