A Miami teenager cursed suicide, and is stated to have used the on facebook Live video clip streaming organization to transfer it online.

A Miami teenager committed suicide, and also is claimed to have used the on facebook Live video clip streaming service to broadcast it online.

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The Florida department of youngsters & Families shown that 14-year-old Nakia Venant took she life overnight Sunday through hanging herself in the restroom of her foster parents" home.


follow to Miami Herald, Venant"s on facebook Live video was two-hours long and also at one point showed the teenager using a scarf to do a homemade noose.

The outlet reported the Venant"s video clip abruptly ended, yet friends that the eighth grader stated her suicide played out online.

"We room absolutely horrified and also devastated by the news the this young girl"s death," Mike Carroll, that the Florida DFC called the Miami Herald. "We will do everything we have the right to to assistance this family and also all those who cared for her together they begin to heal from this tragedy."


Authorities said Nakia Venant committed suicide in the restroom of she foster parents’ home. (Facebook)

Authorities make the efforts to conserve Venant, but due come a series of mishaps they weren"t maybe to reach the teenager in time.

CBS reported the a girlfriend of Venant"s alerted Miami-Dade police as soon as she experienced the video clip and officers showed up to her house. The teenager then provided officers another deal with to walk to, but it to be the not correct one.

once police arrived at the home approximately 3 a.m., they found Venant hanging in the toilet while she foster parents slept in their bedroom.

Officers and also a fire-rescue crew tried come resuscitate Venant, however their efforts were unsuccessful and she was required to Jackson north Hospital and announced dead.

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This sad news come on the heels of Jay Browdy, a 33-year-old aspiring actor, shooting self in his automobile on a Los Angeles street Monday after he went on on facebook Live threatening to death himself.


previously this month, 12-year-old Katelyn Nicole Davis post a 42-minute video clip saying the she was sexually and physically abused by a relative and didn"t "deserve to live."