THE teenager who drove drunk and livestreamed the horrifying moment she flipped she car and also killed her small sister has talked about the event.

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A CALIFORNIA mrs is being organized on a $300,000 bail ~ she livestreamed the fatality of her small sister while driving under the influence.

According to the California Highway Patrol, Obdulia Sanchez, 18, was livestreaming it s her on Instagram if driving when she started to veer to the left, overcorrected, panicked and flipped her car.

The car rolled turn off the road into a barbed wire fence, ejecting she 14-year-old sister, Jacqueline and another 14-year old native the back seat.

In a call interview native jail through NBC Fresno affiliate KSEE Sanchez said, “…I look in the back seat and also there’s no one in the ago seat, and that’s when I began freaking out.”

Sanchez turned on livestream as soon as she removed herself native the wreck and filmed the discovery of her small sister’s dead body who she referred to as her “mini me”, in the grass just a few metres native the car.


Sanchez livestreamed the disturbing minute she uncovered the human body of her little sister. Picture: Supplied.

She continued to film her deceased sister’s face and also can it is in heard yelling, “Baby! wake up baby!”

When she couldn’t discover her sisters pulse she knew she to be gone.

The various other teenager in the back seat sustained injuries yet they room not life-threatening.

In the interview Sanchez said, “I didn’t also know ns looked choose a monster — like, ns look prefer a freaking dreadful monster. The was not my intention in ~ all.”

The livestream additionally recorded Sanchez’s 911 call and also the moment that adhered to the gruesome discovery.

“I f***ing eliminated my sister, OK? I know I’m going priziv.orge jail because that life,” Sanchez said in the video. “This is the last thing I wanted to happen, OK? ns don’t f***ing treatment though, I’m going to hold it down. Remainder in peace, sweetie. If friend don’t survive, ns am for this reason f***ing sorry.”

Sanchez admitted she regularly livestreams on Instagram and also Twitter yet has never had actually an accident before.

Though the 18-year-old hasn’t directly defended the livestreaming she has declared that many human being in she generation perform it.

“Everybody walk it. Everyone does. They take it Snapchats. Everybody does it. Why not? civilization take video of them in cars prefer all the time. And also I’m only 18 — we’re still young.”


Sanchez is being hosted on a $300,00 bail. Picture: Supplied.

Sanchez has been charged with drunk driving and also vehicular manslaughter and also is at this time awaiting the verdict of the fees she has actually pled not-guilty to.

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