A 13-year-old girl who feet were severed in an accident on an amusement park ride is in stable condition in a Nashville, Tenn., hospital, her family members said in a composed statement Tuesday.

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The Superman Tower of strength ride rises over the enntrance gate to 6 Flags Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville, Ky.Ed Reinke / AP
A 13-year-old girl whose feet were severed in one accident on an amusement park drive is in stable problem in a Nashville, Tenn., hospital, her household said in a composed statement Tuesday.

Kaitlyn Lasitter, whose name had actually not previously been exit by officials, was riding the Superman Tower of power ride Thursday at 6 Flags Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville when a cable broke loose on the ride, cutting turn off the girl’s feet over the ankles, authorities said.

State officials to be investigating the incident.

“The parental of Kaitlyn Lasitter would prefer to recognize everyone across the country that have been supporting their daughter with countless positive thoughts and also prayers end the last 6 days,” according to the statement, which to be issued through Vanderbilt University medical Center.

Authorities and also the hospital have declined to to speak whether she feet to be reattached. The statement consisted of a plea for privacy for the girl’s family, and the family has instructed the hospital not to comment further.

Discrepancy in statementsThe family’s statement claimed no one indigenous the template park had contacted them because the accident, as park representatives had actually told reporters. “At no time has any type of representative that the design template park been in touch with members of the family,” the declare said.

Wendy Goldberg, a spokeswoman for six Flags in new York, questioned that account. Goldberg stated two to represent from Kentucky Kingdom saw the hospital following the accident and stayed for “some time” prior to the Lasitter family members asked them come leave. She would not say that the representatives were.

“We are deeply saddened by this incident and of course have genuine worry for the wellness of the entire family. Us stand prepared to be of any type of assistance we perhaps can,” said Kentucky Kingdom spokeswoman Carolyn McClean.

Passed inspectionThe ride passed investigate in each of the last four years, according to records. The ride lifts passengers 177 feet straight up, climate drops them practically the very same distance at speeds getting to 54 miles per hour.

Six Flags close up door down similar rides at parks in St. Louis; Gurnee, Ill.; and also near Washington together a security precaution, Goldberg said. Those rides remained closed Tuesday and were come undergo safety and security inspections.

Six Flags end Texas, close to Dallas, also has a Superman Tower that Power, however it is not the very same ride, Goldberg said.

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Cedar fair Entertainment Co. That Sandusky, Ohio, additionally shut under drop tower rides at 5 of the amusement parks because that inspection ~ the accident.