Funtime is one amusement journey manufacturer based in Bundall on the gold Coast, Australia. The agency manufactures rides such as the Sling Shot, Star Flyer and Vomatron.


In 1998, Funtime was developed in the suburb of Bundall top top the gold Coast, Australia. Soon after, the agency opened a little amusement park in Surfers Paradise, a surrounding Gold shore suburb. At the time, the amusement park was as Adrenalin Park and also featured the company"s Sling Shot and also Vomatron rides.

In 2010, Funtime threatened legal action against netherlands amusement ride manufacturer, Mondial, after that agency unveiled the WindSeeker which bears similarities to Funtime"s patented Star Flyer ride. Mondial comment to the danger by stating the "there is no merit to Funtime"s claim". The issue did no progress.


Chaos Pendle - riders are an installed on the end of numerous arms and spun around in a propellor-like fashion

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