10 Things about The Girl Meets World cast You never ever Knew indigenous longtime members of the young Meets world family to the freshman of Girl Meets World, here are ten fun facts around the spin-off"s cast.

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Girl Meets World premiered top top the Disney Channel in 2014 as a very anticipated spin-off of Boy Meets World (1993-2000). Girl Meets World revolved around Cory and Topanga"s household in new York City. Rowan Blanchard played your daughter, Riley, respectable Maturo played your son, Auggie, and Sabrina Carpenter play Riley"s best friend, Maya.

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The series ended in 2017 after 3 seasons. Fans took pleasure in special guest functions from former Boy Meets World stars, but some the those came to be regulars or semi-regulars. Indigenous longtime members of the BMW family to the newcomer of Girl Meets World, right here are ten funny facts around the spin-off"s cast.

daniel Fishel grew up onscreen as a effective actress, yet she is likewise a professional director. While reprising her duty as Topanga on Girl Meets World, Danielle also wrote one episode of the series and directed four. She continues to work on other sitcoms such as Disney Channel"s Sydney come the Max and Raven"s Home.

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Danielle is married come Jensen Karp, a writer, tv professional, and former rapper. Danielle and also Jensen have a network the content, consisting of awesome podcasts, called The Karps Network. They have actually a Patreon group where fans have the right to sign up because that exclusive shows and also games of Scorantine (a socially distant game show).

Ben Savage manages to stay out that the spotlight this days, and he has actually done some behind-the-scenes work in the past, as well. He command ten illustration of Girl Meets World and, prefer Danielle Fishel, is listed as one of its producers. In a 2014 Time Magazine interview, Ben Savage wouldn"t reveal exactly what do him decision to reprise his function as Cory, however he did market a touching hope because that the series at the time. Ben emphasized that the sitcom to be for a brand-new generation of youngsters who would hopefully be positively influenced by it. He likewise shared the expertise that shows of the 2010s had new issues to cover through the increase of technology. Pan often comment on the differences in between the original collection and Girl Meets World, however they don"t constantly realize what the newer show"s architecture was in the an initial place.

Will Friedle as Eric Matthews on boy Meets World
Fans to be delighted when Eric Matthews remained part of the household for Girl Meets World, however he might have never ever been Eric at all if things had actually turned out differently. Will has actually shared on numerous podcasts and also articles the he to be sick the job he was supposed to audition for Eric. Someone else was actors for the function and play Eric in the pilot. However, the old Eric was much shorter than Ben Savage, for this reason the powers that be made decision to look because that a new, higher Eric. That"s just how Will Friedle got one more chance and won the duty he would certainly play in ~ two different times in his life (so far).

7 Sabrina Carpenter Was influenced By Hannah Montana

Girl Meets civilization - Maya and Riley sad
Sabrina Carpenter discovered her niche as Maya Hart on Girl Meets World and efficiently segued right into a music career in enhancement to more acting. Sabrina has actually multiple albums and also was cast as Cady Heron in Mean Girls on Broadway. Her latest movie, Clouds, is currently on Disney+. The talented star mutual in 2017 that Hannah Montana made her realize that she could make a career the end of she passions. She was likewise inspired through others that sang and acted on their shows, prefer Selena Gomez in Wizards the Waverly Place.

Rowan Blanchard began acting prior to her onscreen best friend did. While Sabrina Carpenter was watching Hannah Montana, Rowan Blanchard was acquiring her begin in the industry. Her very first big role was on a Disney Junior collection called Dance-A-Lot Robot, which urged preschoolers at residence to gain up and also dance along with the show. It"s funny that she segued native Disney"s toddler equivalent to its main network for Girl Meets World.

5 Rider strong Is A Jack Of all Trades

Rider strong is well-known as Shawn Hunter on Boy and Girl Meets World. In enhancement to play Cory"s longtime best friend, driver is a true creative spirit. He is one of the master of a podcast dubbed Literary Disco where writers talk about books. He and also his brother, Shiloh, have actually written and directed numerous award-winning quick films. Rider also wrote a play called Never ever before Land, which do its debut in 2019.

Auggie, the youngest family members member on Girl Meets World, is currently thirteen years old. According to his IMDb, august Maturo started acting when he was only two. He has actually an superior resume of guest duties from his at an early stage years, beginning with Weeds and including How i Met your MotherRaising Hope, and Bones. The young actor continues to work-related on miscellaneous projects, and Girl Meets World fans constantly loved his spunky character.

3 Peyton Meyer Is Gaining large Hollywood Roles

Peyton Meyer, the actor that played Lucas on Girl Meets World, had a head start at the Disney Channel. He had a recurring role on the less than realistic Dog through a Blog in 2013 and also 2014, simply before GMW began. Peyton is proceeding a successful career in Hollywood and will star in a gender-swapped reboot of She"s all That (1999). In He"s every That, Peyton Meyer will occupational alongside other Disney alum Madison Pettis.

It"s not unusual for son actors to carry out recurring duties on Disney Channel shows before coming to be future series regulars. Ava Kolker copy August Maturo in play a duty with her own very first name. On Girl Meets World, Ava and also Auggie included so much laughter and also cuteness.

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A pair of year after the display wrapped, Ava landed the role of Olive Rozalski on Sydney to the Max, i beg your pardon premiered in 2019. The series has allowed Ava to proceed working v Danielle Fishel, who has directed illustration of the series.

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1 Cheryl Texiera has A diverse Entertainment Background

Katy Hart, Maya"s mom, came to be important in the activity of Girl Meets World as she arisen a partnership with Shawn Hunter. Your beautiful wedding was even officiated by Mr. Feeny. Katy to be played by Cheryl Texiera, one actress, writer, producer, director, voiceover artist, choreographer, and acting coach. Cheryl to be on the very first season of So you Think You deserve to Dance and won a freestyle hip-hop compete on MTV.