top top Sept. 24, 1993, "Boy Meets World" premiered top top ABC, introducing audiences to personalities like Cory Matthews, Topanga Lawrence and also Mr. Feeny. Pan spent seven years with the crew, watching together they walk from middle school come college, angry what happened as they dropped in love, and, in the case of Cory and also Topanga, together they gained married. In respect of actress daniel Fishel"s 40th date of birth on might 5, 2021, is checking up on the actors to check out what they"ve to be up to due to the fact that the show"s finale earlier in 2000. Keep reading for more…

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Ben Savage play "Boy Meets World" command Cory Matthews, whose life is chronicled from middle school come college together he balances the battles that come v meeting your spirit mate (Topanga) at such a young age.

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After "Boy Meets World," Ben Savage go on come Stanford University, where he learned political science. He returned to acting after university in a couple of minor films and also on a grasp of TV shows then reprised his duty as Cory Matthews on the spinoff series "Girl Meets World" native 2014 to 2017. Ben has also found a niche playing a younger variation of Mandy Patinkin"s characters in a few projects consisting of "Criminal Minds" and "Homeland."

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The role of Topanga Lawrence (later Lawrence-Matthews) to be played by danielle Fishel. Topanga was a weird middle school girl-turned-popular and also smart high school student and Cory"s love attention throughout the show. The 2 married during the last season.

After pack her function as Topanga, danielle Fishel dipped her toe right into hosting, leading shows on MTV and also the format Network. Prefer Ben Savage, Danielle also reprised her duty on "Girl Meets World" in 2014 for 3 seasons. She attend California State University, Fullerton wherein she met her very first husband, Tim Belusko. The two were married between 2013 and 2016. In 2018, she wed podcaster Jensen Karp (who famously discovered a shrimp tail in his Cinnamon Toast Crunch in 2021), and also in 2019, the 2 welcomed a son. On she 40th date of birth in may 2021, she announced the she and Jensen to be expecting their 2nd child — another son.

Will Friedle played Cory Matthews" older brother, Eric, that starts out together a cool enlarge brother but evolves right into a wacky, type of crazy character over the food of the show.

Since "Boy Meets World," will certainly Friedle has been a prolific voice actor on shows like "Kim Possible," "Transformers: Robots in Disguise," "Thundercats" and also the "Guardians the the Galaxy" animated series. He also had a recurring role on the spinoff "Girl Meets World." he married Susan Martens in 2016.

Rider strong played Shawn Hunter, Cory Matthews" finest friend. The two had actually an extremely solid and nearby relationship, which might make Topanga jealous.

Rider solid pursued his education automatically after "Boy Meets World" wrapped, earning a level in English from Columbia University, wherein he i graduated with good distinction. That then got a well arts master"s level in fiction and also literature native Bennington College. Rider still did some acting during his time as a student, both top top screen and also on stage. Later, he appeared as a guest on the "Girl Meets World" spinoff and even directed a few episodes that the show. He married actress Alexandra Barreto in 2013. The two have a son, Indigo, together.


William Daniels play Mr. Feeny, a mentor for all the kids, an especially Cory and also Eric. He teach them through center school, high school and also even as a university professor.

William Daniels (seen here with his on-screen and also real-life wife, Bonnie Bartlett) sheathe "Boy Meets World" as soon as he was 73. He"s been mainly retired from acting since, despite he has actually taken top top a couple of small roles, showing up on "Grey"s Anatomy" and, of course, "Girl Meets World." He composed a book about his life the was released in 2017, "There i Go Again: just how I happened Mr. Feeny, man Adams, Dr. Craig, KITT, and Many Others."

Bonnie Bartlett play Lila Bolander-Feeny, the dean that Pennbrook College and also later wife to Mr. Feeny.

Bonnie Bartlett ongoing to action after working v her real-life husband (of virtually 70 years!) ~ above "Boy Meets World." She showed up on shows including "NCIS," "Grey"s Anatomy" and also "Better call Saul." she last acting credit was in 2017 — and no, it in reality wasn"t "Girl Meets World."

Lee Norris (seen right here with Ben Savage) play Stuart Minkus, Cory and also Shawn"s genius classmate in sixth grade.

Lee Norris showed up on "Boy Meets World" during season 1 and also again together a guest on season 5, but his character, Stuart, was no his best television role. Native 2003 to 2012, he play Marvin "Mouth" McFadden on "One Tree Hill." Lee later had a recurring role on "Girl Meets World" as a dad. His most recent exhilaration gig to be a bit part in the 2020 film "Greyhound."

Betsy Randle play Cory and also Eric"s mom, who functioned as a actual estate agent and at an arts gallery top top "Boy Meets World."

Betsy Randle continued to plot post-"Boy Meets World" — she popped increase on "Charmed" and "Adam damages Everything" — yet she"s greatly laid low since wrapping her role as Amy Matthews. However, she was convinced to return as the Matthews household matriarch top top a couple of episode of the spinoff collection "Girl Meets World."

William Russ played household patriarch Alan Matthews. He functioned as a grocery store manager and later owned a sporting goods and also outdoor supply keep — Matthews & Son.

William Russ (right, seen here on an episode of "Colony") has acted consistently since playing Alan Matthews. He"s showed up on shows like "Boston Legal," "The Young and the Restless" and "9-1-1" and, like many of his old castmates, on the spinoff collection "Girl Meets World."

Lily Nicksay play Eric and Cory"s younger sister, Morgan, on seasons 1 and also 2 that "Boy Meets World."

Lily Nicksay quit playing Morgan Matthews after two seasons but continued come act. Lily, who now goes by her married name, Lily Gibson (she wed musician Dave Gibson in 2015), has actually done a number of theatrical projects choose "Barefoot in the Park" and also "Gulf watch Drive." Lily poked funny at her stint together Morgan ~ above an illustration of "Girl Meets World" with Lindsay Ridgeway, that picked up the role after Lily"s exit.

Lindsay Ridgeway appeared with Lily Nicksay — who formerly played Morgan on "Boy Meets World" — on the "Girl Meets World" finale in 2017, but she"s hardly acted because leaving the show. Instead, Lindsay very first focused on she education, getting a level in political science from the university of California, Riverside and also a master"s in counseling from college of Redlands. She"s worked as a instead of teacher, a fitness instructor and also as a actions therapist end the years.

Trina McGee played Angela Moore, a love attention for Shawn Hunter, on the later seasons the the show.

Trina McGee has appreciated a few small roles due to the fact that "Boy Meets World" consisting of on "Girl Meets World." In January 2020, she tweeted around incidents the racism during the show, writing, "Called Aunt Jemima on collection during hair and make up. Referred to as a bitterness b**** as soon as I quietly waited because that my step to end up rehearsing the was gift increase over and also over because of episode featuring my character. Called "it was nice of you to sign up with us" choose a stranger after 60 episodes," she wrote. She later on backtracked on she comments, saying she "didn"t know" if she would certainly quantify them together racism today. She likewise said she received an apology native the male colleague who dubbed her Aunt Jemima.

Matthew Lawrence (seen here with will certainly Friedel, right) play Shawn"s half-brother Jack Hunter, who had actually a far an ext privileged upbringing 보다 Shawn (who was played by driver Strong).

Matthew Lawrence"s most recognizable acting gig because 2000 to be doing a couple of episodes ~ above older brothers Joey Lawrence"s sitcom "Melissa and also Joey." beyond popping up as Jack Hunter on a 2015 illustration of "Girl Meets World," Matthew has showed up in a selection of smaller projects and also made headlines many thanks to his long off-and-on partnership with "Dancing with the Stars" agree Cheryl Burke, who he married in 2019.

While Maitland Ward did part mainstream acting post-"Boy Meets World," appearing in projects like "White Chicks," she"s actually found success in the adult movie industry. Maitland has showed up in plenty of adult movies and has said that throughout the coronavirus pandemic, she do the most money of her career, raking in six figures a month ~ above the website OnlyFans. Unsurprisingly, she never showed up on the spinoff "Girl Meets World."

Anthony Tyler Quinn has actually acted steadily due to the fact that "Boy Meets World." In enhancement to — naturally — return to the spinoff collection "Girl Meets World" together Mr. Turner, he"s also appeared ~ above "Feud: Bette and also Joan," "Pretty little Liars" and also "Days of our Lives."






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