It’s always a tiny jarring for adults and kids alike to see stars as soon as on Disney Channel TV shows take on much more grown-up roles. Peyton Meyer is one of the recent such stars to change from Disney come what is often known as “big” Hollywood through his more recent and upcoming roles. Learn much more about Meyer’s career, what is in store for him in the future, and his previous role on the Boy Meets World reboot, Girl Meets World.

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Peyton Meyer’s early career


Peyton Meyer | Michael Ansell via Getty Images

Meyer has remained in the spotlight for almost a decade, beginning when he play Wes Manning ~ above the Disney Channel show Dog with a Blogfor ripe episodes native 2013 to 2014. The display follows the story of parental adopting a dog because that their kids in wishes that the will carry them together, however the siblings later on learn that the dog can talk and also write. The present ran for 3 seasons, and also it offered Meyer just the begin he necessary to later land the function he is most known for, Lucas ~ above Girl Meets Worldin 2014.

IMDb also reports the Meyer starred in the 2016 film Gibby, a family comedy around a teenage girl who finds happiness after safety time through a capuchin monkey. The film likewise starred Shelby Lyon, and also it to be met with poor vital reviews, despite it is concerned as a wholesome film that youngsters may enjoy.

After Gibby, Meyer played Ethan in the TV series Versus for 6 episodes in 2017, a show around two rival lacrosse players placed on the exact same team that must learn to job-related together to achieve their goals.

Meyer’s recent roles

Now 22 year old, Meyer just finished his function of trip Windsor on the alphabet sitcom American Housewife, from the second season till the fifth and also final one. This show follows the story that Kate rose oil as she navigates being a part of a modest family members living in a rich and privileged city and dealing through the other pretentious housewives and also children in her brand-new neighborhood. Meyer’s character, Trip, came to be the friend of Kate’s earliest daughter, Taylor.

The show’s filming was halted during its 4th season because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but the present was renewed because that a 5th season later that year. The 5th season was shot the summer and aired throughout the final few months that 2020. Unfortunately, ABC decided to release the display after 5 seasons, i m sorry led plenty of fans to it is in disappointed as result of the multiple cliffhangers presented in the season 5 finale, Pop culture reports.

However, Meyer’s many recent role is Jordan van Draanen in the upcoming moving He’s every That, a remake and gender-swap the the 1999 movie She’s all That. Follow to screen Rant, the movie stars Tanner Buchanan, Addison Rae, and also Madison Pettis, an additional Disney Channel alum. It tells the story that a high school student that accepts a challenge from a other student to turn the school’s least well-known boy right into the prom king.

His duty on ‘Girl Meets World’

To many, Meyer is still best known for his role of Lucas ~ above Girl Meets World, i m sorry aired indigenous 2014 to 2017. The display was extremely anticipated, thanks to the prevalent success of Boy Meets World, and it featured several special appearances of cast members that the initial show.

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Lucas Friar relocated from Austin, Texas, to brand-new York City and eventually became the boyfriend of Riley Matthews, Cory Matthews’ daughter. The pair division up later in the series, and also Lucas starts showing interest in Riley’s best friend, Maya Hart, and also the two eventually date yet break up. The receives numerous nicknames ~ above the display alluding come his southerly roots, such together Heehaw, Lone Star, and also Huckleberry, indigenous his friends, particularly Maya.Many pan adored this personality on the present due come his kind and compassionate nature yet occasional rebellious streak that retained his character interesting.