Let’s talk around that brand-new episode that Girl Meets World, shall we…the one where we were all loving and hating Farkle and climate loving that even more after the episode was done.

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We all understand that Farkle gave Riley a deadline to expose her true feel — by midnight on new Year’s eve (which we have to pause and ask why to be they in ~ school throughout Christmas break?) — and also in a means she did…just no to Lucas.

Here’s what happened on the show:

Inspired by reading feeling & Sensibility in English class, Riley litter a new Years round for her and also all she friends — i m sorry Charlie Gardner just happens come hear just as she’s announcing it come Maya and also invites himself. This is where Farkle’s deadline comes into play again — and he tells Riley if she doesn’t call Lucas and Maya around her feelings, he will. In ~ the party, Farkle arrives with Smackle — attract the best couple sweaters ever before — and just after arriving, Lucas does. A cute small scene in between Smackle and Lucas is more than likely the best part of the entire episode. It’s the other, non-existent love triangle.The corridor plays a couple’s game, liked by Charlie, the course, and also has Charlie and also Lucas spatting ago and soon over who knows Riley better. We’re not sure who wins here…other than Farkle and also Smackle, due to the fact that they’re Farkle and Smackle. Together midnight come closer, Riley isn’t any type of closer come revealing her feelings to Maya or Lucas. But she is to Charlie and also lets him under gently; informing him the while they make sense in she head, she needs something an ext than that.Maya, that was left behind in the home and also talked through Cory and Topanga around her own feelings, join the party top top the roof and also chooses to be alongside Lucas as soon as midnight comes.The clock winds down and Farkle, seeing Riley isn’t law anything about her own feelings, makes good on his attributed — informing everyone in ~ the party around Riley’s secret. The entire party leaves, and also Farkle guarantees that the did it due to the fact that he go care around her.

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This pipeline Riley, Maya, and also Lucas ~ above a bench together. In silence.

WHAT DID girlfriend THINK the THE GIRL MEETS human being EPISODE?

Watch a couple of clips from it below!

Girl Meets indigenous – Girl Meets The new Year – “Couple’s Game”

Girl Meets indigenous – Girl Meets The brand-new Year – “Maya choose To Be with Lucas”