HONOLULU (priziv.org) - The household of a young Puna girl who was rushed to Oahu ~ being attacked by a neighbor’s dogs is calling for tougher penalties to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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Shalaye Newman states her 6-year-old daughter’s injuries to be so bad she was flown to Kapiolani Medical center for ladies & youngsters following the assault over a mainly ago.

Little Violet Beatte is now recovering in ~ home.

“They called me if the bite had actually been a millimeter higher, she would have actually lost her eye,” said Newman. “And if the bite had been one inch reduced on her neck, she would have actually lost she life.”

Newman said Violet to be walking house from the bus prevent in mountain View on Nov. 4 v her big sisters, 11-year-old Layla and also 15-year-old confidence when she was struck by two of their neighbor’s pit bulls.

“Two yes, really vicious, barking, snarling pit bulls, however they’re constantly behind a fence,” said Newman. “And they walked past it and also the gate wasn’t closed.”

“And suddenly, Layla heard Violet scream and also she turned and one of the pit bulls had ordered her on the thigh and dragged she to the ground and also the other one to be biting her face.”

GoFundMe because that Violet Beatte's expenses

The incident comes simply three months after 85-year-old Dolores Oskin was also attacked by dog in Puna. She passed away from she injuries.

“No anyone should have to see their loved one go through what my small girl go through,” said Newman.

In the attack earlier this month, Newman claimed Layla saved her little sister’s life.

“They were like on her and also so she was choose trying to push herself up,” stated Layla. “So, I placed my arms like under her arms and pulled she back.”

“I was just worried around her.”

“She conserved her life,” stated Newman. “And much more than anything, I’m just grateful.”

Hawaii county Police speak the owner surrendered the dogs to pet control. The dog were climate euthanized.

Police have actually classified it as a dangerous dog case, however say the law is tho lenient.

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“As far as a danger dog, there’s a tiny bit more requirements as far as the law and those fines room a little bit more. Yet still, it’s very small,” stated Hawaii Police major Aimee Wana, who at this time oversees animal control. “In comparison to say a cruelty in the first-degree is a felony case.”

Attorney Jacob Lowenthal that is representing Newman and her family, claimed there are also needs to it is in “more uniformity amongst the states because all the counties have actually different species of laws about what a dog owner can and also can’t carry out with their animal.”

Hawaii county Councilmember Ashley Kiekiewicz claims her office is working closely with the police, prosecutors, and city lawyers to combine Hawaii County password as it relates to attacks by attention dogs.

She said in a statement:

“Right now, our code prescribes a small misdemeanor because that dog owners who fail come implement reasonable measures to protect against attacks. We’re exploring enhanced penalties for a range of situations including if over there is a prior attack and also issues weren’t resolved, and also where major and comprehensive bodily injuries – or fatality – occur.”

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