One week before the Academy Awards go under on ABC, American Idol‘s peak 12 assembled live to carry out Oscar-winning song of yesteryear.

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Showing castle all how it’s done was Lionel Richie, who kicked turn off the two-hour occasion with a power of “Say You to speak Me” from White Nights, because that which Richie won finest Original song at the 1986 ceremony. Click right here to watch.


Before we obtain to the songs, let’s begin with the results. The adhering to nine singers, who will be joined by one of last season’s returning competitors, room proceeding come the top 10: elegant Kinstler, Casey Bishop, Willie Spence, Alyssa Wray, Caleb Kennedy, Deshawn Goncalves, Chayce Beckham, Cassandra Coleman and also Hunter Metts.

Sadly, that method we had to say goodbye come Madison Watkins, Beane and (gasp!) Ava August.

Read on because that our failure of Sunday’s performances, with official videos being added as they come to be available:

GRACE KINSTLER, 20 (“Happy” native 2013’s Despicable Me 2)Like the world’s many talented onion, we’re discovering brand-new layers come Kinstler through each pass week, and I’m falling much more and much more in love v her as a performer. Going versus Katy Perry’s pointer for a an ext classic-sounding track was a interlocutor move, however what is Kinstler if no bold? There to be nothing despicable about this high-energy, stage-commanding take on Pharrell’s ubiquitous hit, also if the made the judges inquiry what kind of document Kinstler would placed out. (A Minion-approved record, that’s what!) Click here to watch.

AVA AUGUST, 15 (“City the Stars” native 2016’s La La Land)Do ns think La La Land is big-time overrated? Yes. Yet did ns still get chills when I heard that August was tackling this gorgeous number? also yes. It was a perfect to the right for she ethereal voice, which was never ever in doubt for a moment. And also unlike Kinstler, August verified usexactlywhat she potential record would sound like. I was tempted come side v Perry and also Bobby skeletal (for once!) and also agree the August should take on her youth a little more, however there’s simply no denying that voice. Besides, what the hell does it mean to “be 15 or 16,” anyway? We’re all different! Watch:

CALEB KENNEDY, 16 (“On the roadway Again” indigenous 1980’s Honeysuckle Rose)How have the right to someone so talented keep delivering such continuously boring performances? Vocally and instrumentally, I have no critiques. This kid is an excellent enough to put out an album tomorrow, however whoishe?! Kennedy gave us a glimmer of a note of a personality once he briefly addressed the audience (“Let me hear you, come on!”), but it to be a fleeting moment. Also, why aren’t the judges providing him the same critiques they’re giving August around needing to sound much more like a teenager? are male Idol contestants intended to be much less exciting? Click right here to watch.

HUNTER METTS, 22 (“Falling Slowly” native 2007’s Once)This probably would have been a far better pick because that the Duets ring — since, you know, it’s a duet — however Metts did a solid task strumming follow me by his lonesome. Well, until he forgot the words at the end and also sobbed his way through the judges’ critiques. That said, what us did hear to be gorgeous, and also there room farworse means to screw increase on live television. (Just questioning Ashlee Simpson!) I actually think the his imperfection endeared himself to viewers, despite I’m not certain I’d agree with Richie the his wrong made it a “perfect run.” Click below to watch.

MADISON WATKINS, 25 (“Run to You” indigenous 1992’s The Bodyguard)I’m so glad the judges chose to save Watkins in the competition, if only because it gave us a possibility to bask in she glow when again. From its lovely beginning to its powerful climax, this was a heavy performance. She did this above Whitney Houston ballad proud. (Unrelated, but I’ve to be trying to figure out that Watkins reminds me of, and it finally clicked tonight. Is there no something Megan Fox-like about her?!) Watch:

CHAYCE BECKHAM, 24 (“ I perform It for You” indigenous 1991’s Robin Hood: Prince the Thieves)If I could sum up this performance in one word, it’d be… fine? I thought it was a quite fit for his gravelly, ’90s/’00s-sounding voice, however when Richie praised Beckham for finding himself in the second fifty percent of the song, I doubted whether us watched the exact same performance. I additionally rolled my eye at Perry’s comment around the “young ladies” passionate to vote for him tonight, because I feel like Beckham is fully coasting on the charm. This song essential a moment, and also it simply didn’t have actually one. Click below to watch.

BEANE, 23 (“ the time of mine Life” indigenous 1987’s Dirty Dancing)Last week, i wondered if I could be a Beanie Baby. I can now confirm, yes, I’m a card-carrying member of the team. Choose Perry, ns was big-time worried the this power was walk to it is in cheesy as hell. (Never forget: He’s a professional wedding singer!) yet from his unconventional opening to his limitless bag of vocal tricks, he marketed this from start to finish. His conversation with Bones also proved that he knows his place in this competition, recognizing what his rivals have to offer and how he can use his own quirks to get an edge. (And what’s this around him gift deaf in one ear? I never ever would have actually guessed.) Click below to watch.

ALYSSA WRAY, 19 (“This Is Me” from 2017’s The best Showman)Echoing Richie’s sentiments, ns loved this performance, which began out great and thrived into something truly stunning. And kudos to Wray for nailing the high note, which also original vocalist Keala Settle has actually famously fumbled throughout live performances. (Quick question, though: Why to be Richie the only judge that weighed in on this one? did the present run of the end time?) Watch:

DESHAWN GONCALVES, 20 (“The method We Were” from 1973’s The way We Were)Somewhere, Fran good is plotzing. I wasn’t crazy about this performance at first — I believed it offered off significant lounge singer vibes — but Goncalves was totally tapped right into the feeling by the end. And I love that Ruben Studdard reached out to offer him some encouragement. Click here to watch.

CASEY BISHOP, 16 (“Over the Rainbow” native 1939’s The sorcerer’s of Oz)The indigenous “timeless” has actually been offered to explain Bishop’s performance format multiple times, for this reason this Judy Garland classic was a perfect selection — especially since it was such an exciting departure native what we’re offered to seeing. This entire performance to be a moment, and I agree through Perry about Bishop gift the frontrunner. The only question is: did Bishop officially dethrone Katharine McPhee, that famously own this song back in Season 5? Click right here to watch.

CASSANDRA COLEMAN, 24 (“Writing’s ~ above the Wall” native 2015’s Spectre)This was a tough one, especially because it started large right out of the gate, but Coleman handled herself nicely. She nerves have actually a propensity to get the much better of she on the stage, and also they were definitely present this time about — however when it to be good, it was good. After hearing Coleman’s performance, I’m likewise wondering why Florence Welch hasn’t to be tapped to carry out a 007 track yet. (Get ~ above that, Hollywood.) Click below to watch.

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WILLIE SPENCE, 21 (“Stand Up” from 2019’s Harriet)Let’s be real, none of has any doubt that this would be incredible. Yet even ns wasn’t expecting together a beautiful — or together Richie said, “religious” — experience. The hight notes were breathtaking, the short notes were bone-chilling, and also the emotions were palpable. Watch:

Who offered your favorite performance the the night, and also did the ideal nine singers move on to the next round? Drop a comment through your think on the state of Season 19 below.