It’s to be over 100 years due to the fact that the Girl Scouts offered their first cookies—which the troopers and their moms made from scrape in your kitchens and also wrapped in wax paper—for 25 come 35 cent per dozen. And also since then, the Girl Scouts have developed a veritable dessert empire, lived in with one assortment the delectable cookie varieties. Slim Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, and also Do-si-dos (to surname a few) room a far cry from the straightforward vanilla shortbread cookies offered in the 1920s.

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Unfortunately for part cookies, in with the new means out v the old. With the years, we"ve also had to bid adieu come a lengthy line of good cookies, consisting of the Dulce de Leche and Thank friend Berry Munch. Here are 15 Girl reconnaissance Cookie varieties that live on just in ours memories.

1. Van"chos

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Available indigenous 1974 to 1983, this chocolate and vanilla sandwich cookies—which come in one assorted box—were a throwback to Girl reconnaissance Cookies’ beforehand flavors. In the 1950s, only four species of cookies existed: the initial shortbread, chocolate-filled cookie, vanilla-filled cookie, and the very first iteration that the thin Mint (then called coco Mint).

2. Kookaburras

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Like the lovechild that a Rice Krispies treat and also a Twix bar, the Kookaburras, fleetingly accessible in the beforehand ‘80s, sounded choose heaven. One nostalgia-plagued baker concocted her very own recipe because that these delightful morsels.

3. Gold Yangles

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Not really cookies at all, golden Yangles were cheddar cheese crackers. They were obtainable in the 1980s, then discontinued in the beforehand "90s.

4. Praline Royales

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In 1992, the Praline Royale—a soft vanilla cookie v praline filling, pecans, coconut, and also chocolate drizzled on top—replaced the golden Yangle. The packaging for both the Praline Royal and the golden Yangle touted “Building Bridges: One of numerous Girl reconnaissance experiences the helps girls create their own futures.”

5. Gold Nut Clusters

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This details treat wasn"t obtainable for long. The golden Nut Cluster—a pecan cookie extended in caramel—was found amongst the Girl scout Cookies’ ranks from 1991 to 1992.

6. Juliettes

Named ~ Girl Scouts founder Juliette Low, the Juliette (available indigenous 1984 to1985 and also then resurrected indigenous 1993 to 1996) was the golden Nut cluster 2.0. Likewise boasting caramel and pecans, this dreamy cookie was extended in milk chocolate—like the Girl Scouts’ variation of a chocolate turtle.

7. Snaps

Available native 1993 to 1997, these iced oatmeal raisin cookies seemed straight from Grandma’s kitchen.

8. Upside Downs

In 1999, the Girl Scouts took on small Debbie with an oatmeal cookie sandwich of your own. But, unlike little Debbie’s soft Oatmeal Creme Pies, Upside Downs were crunchy.

9. Le Chips

In the late ‘90s, the Girl Scouts presented Le Chip, a chocolate-dipped, coco chip hazelnut cookie. Debuting before America gained on the Nutella bandwagon, these cookie were short-lived.

10. Aloha Chips

Around because that a quick time in the beforehand 2000s, they to be the gussied up variation of everyone’s least favorite cafeteria cookie: white cacao macadamia nut.

11. Apple Cinnamons

Available indigenous 1997 to 2001, apple Cinnamons were sugar cookie dusted through cinnamon sugar. The apple part? their shape. In maintaining with the diet tendency du jour, lock were diminished fat.

12. Olé Olés

Another lessened fat treat indigenous the at an early stage aughts, Olé Olés were powdered street cookies with pecans and coconut and were accessible from 2001 to 2003.

13. Cinna-Spins

Hopping ~ above the latest fitness fad, this crispy, cinnamon swirl cookie were offered in 100-calorie package in 2008.

14. Lemon Chalet Cremes

The specifying characteristic of these lemon sandwich cookie (with a touch the cinnamon-ginger) was the image of a Swiss Chalet imprinted on the front. The Chalet, which exists in actual life, is the first World facility of WAGGGS, the world Association that Girl Guides and also Girl Scouts.

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15. Mango cremes

These “healthy” treats debuted in 2013. The crispy vanilla and also coconut sandwich cookie was filled through “a tangy mango flavored crème magnified with the nutrients found in fruits.” make by a agency called Nutrifusion, the filling to be made indigenous rehydrated apples, oranges, cranberries, pomegranate, limes, strawberries, and—wait for it—shiitake mushroom (for Vitamin D).