It"s officially Girl reconnaissance Cookie season! us love helping our local troop learn necessary life an abilities while in ~ the same time dealing with ourselves come an epic sugar fix. Because everything"s far better with wine, here"s some brand-new inspiration come liven increase your next at-home happy hour: Girl reconnaissance Cookie and wine pairings! we researched and also came up v some heavenly matches, therefore fire up her app and also get ready to order this perfectly paired sommelier-approved bottles.


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Toast-Yay!™ + Prosecco

A new addition to the Girl scout Cookie lineup, Toast-Yay!™ makes its debut this year, influenced by our favorite brunch indulgence, French Toast. You speak "brunch," i say "Prosecco"-- this pairing is a no-brainer! made with real maple syrup, cinnamon, and vanilla, these cookies room a organic fit for the light, delicately bubby sparkler- and also Prosecco"s spices of soft citrus, new apple, and also white peach room a update pairing for these crunchy cookies.

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These tangy lemon-icing-topped shortbread cookies need a alcohol that has actually bright, crisp acidity to administer a balance throughout your palate. What can be far better than Riesling? The citrus and also light stone fruit flavors room lovely through lemon desserts-- and also since Riesling is available in so plenty of styles (still or sparkling, from dried to off-dry come sweet late-harvest wines), there"s no doubt you"ll discover your favourite to pair through this cookie.

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Shop"s ideal Zinfandel Wines

Introduced to the Girl reconnaissance Cookie lineup in 2020, these are tangy and also sweet glazed lemon cookie that attribute baked-in messages motivated by the Girl Scout main point mission. A dessert wine prefer Sauternes immediately comes come mind for a harmonious pairing: Sauternes" hallmark is the balance of extreme sweetness with plenty of zesty acidity to keep things balanced and interesting! If you"ve never tried this sweet alcohol from Bordeaux, you"re in because that a unique treat. It has aromas of flowers, apricot, quince, passion fruit, and beeswax the lead into flavors that lemon curd, honey, marmalade, ripe pineapple, and caramel-- through a crisp, zingy finish.

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These gluten-free cookies space buttery and rich, with sweet, crunchy golden toffee bits. A full-bodied white wine choose Chardonnay fits the bill here: probably one in a decadent, classically California buttery layout with toasted brioche, butterscotch, and also ripe small apple and also pineapple flavors.

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Caramel cacao Chip + Tawny Port

Chocolate, caramel, and a pinch of sea salt? that sounds like a job for Tawny Port! This is a layout of harbor that"s mellow and rich, v honey, caramel, butterscotch, and golden raisin flavors, through a hearty sheep of nuttiness (think toasted walnuts). Paired through these chewy cookies, you have the ingredients because that an after-dinner treat the can"t it is in beaten.

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Did you know the Girl Scouts basically developed S"mores? even though the exact origin of the recipe is unknown, the first time it showed up in print was Tramping and also Trailing through the Girl Scouts in 1927. So it’s fitting the there should be a S"mores Girl enlightenment Cookie! an Australian Shiraz is ours perfect campfire wine: bold, rich, and also warming, v light cedar and also sweet tobacco notes and also a hints of brown sugar and also smoke. Even if it is you"re at an actual campfire or just enjoying these S"mores cookie on her sofa, this is one solve pairing.