GISELLE says it is a “dream priziv.orge true”, as currently she deserve to study where she wants, “buy a brand-new house and also travel the world”.

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Frank Chung

A 19-YEAR-OLD united state model cases to have actually sold she virginity to an Abu Dhabi-based businessman for practically $3.9 million top top a controversial auction website.

Cinderella Escorts, a Germany-based website which urges young women to auction your virginity to wealthy older men, states the winning bid the 2.5 million euro ($3.87 million) to win an market of $US2.4 million ($3.16 million) native a “Hollywood actor” and also $US1.8 million ($2.37 million) from a “Russian politician”.

The woman, recognized as Giselle, said in a statement released by the website that it to be a “dream priziv.orge true”.

“Every woman has to decide top top her own if the is worth to give her virginity for cost-free to a boyfriend who maybe afterwards will rest up with her, fairly than marketing it,” she said.

“But ns made mine decision and now I deserve to study wherever ns want, buy a brand-new house and travel approximately the world. It gives me a lot of opportunities.”

Giselle explained the tendency of women marketing their virginity as “a kind of emancipation”, saying she was “shocked” at people who were against it.

“In other words, these people want priziv.orge tell friend what to perform with your body together a woman, however they suspicion somebody that is marketing it of being versus emancipation,” she said.

“This is absurd. The reality that women have the right to do what lock want with their bodies and have the courage priziv.orge live their sexuality free against the critics sets a authorize for emancipation.”

Giselle claimed if she wanted to “spend my first time with someone that is no my very first love, that’s mine decision”, and that she to be “happy priziv.orge be part of this brand-new trend, part of the women’s activity of current history”.

“A women’s activity that proponents freedom and also self-determination that sexuality and finally breaks the taboo about a woman’s virginity,” she said. “In retrospect, how countless would probably offer up their an initial time if they can have 2.5 million euros instead?

“Now every little thing has to be organised. The hotel because that my meeting v the the person who lives in Germany is booked. Cinderella Escorts acpriziv.orgpanies me priziv.orge the meeting and also stays nearby by together a protection in situation of problems. I have the possibility to release the conference at any kind of time, however I am quite confident. I was able to talk priziv.orge the the person who lives before and we are very .”



In a statement, Cinderella Escorts said it to be “glad that we were maybe to assist Giselle because we interpreted her dream and her motives”.

“On our website girlfriend will uncover a video where girl from almost everywhere the civilization talk around the reasons to sell their virginity,” the declare said.

“Girls from Australia, Europe, Africa, North and South America. Native Arab countries and Asian. This reflects us that the desire priziv.orge auction a virginity is no exception.

“And top top the other hand, the high bidding because that Giselle’s auction mirrors us exactly how high the demand for virgins is. Service people from almost everywhere the civilization have to be bidding. Cinderella Escorts has actually only allowed around 40 virgins on our website therefore far, due to the fact that of a long process.

“We make sure that the girls carry out not have actually psychological problems, space grown-up and totally aware of their desires. For this, girls need to see a psychologist who will assure us of these points.

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“The girl all have sex through condoms. Us organise the hotel, continue to be close priziv.orge the together a contact person in instance of problems and the girl can cancel the conference at any time. There room some girls who are looking for a the person who lives for your virginity on your own. The is more secure to run this on our platform.”

Men who want to have actually sex through the escorts on the site have actually put down a 40 per cent deposit by delivering the accumulation to Cinderella Escorts’ bank account before a meeting.

The remaining money is paid in cash priziv.orge the ladies at the suggest of revenue of sex, v Cinderella Escorts taking a 20 every cent cut. The website’s founder to be recently called in regional media as 26-year-old january Zakobielski, that still resides in his mother’s basement.

“No one renders these young women do anything castle don’t desire to do,” the said previously this year. “They have actually their very own minds and also their very own opinions ~ above sexuality. We also reject girls whereby we feel the someone else is behind it and also they perform not desire to market their virginity on your own.”